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Portrait of Sally

Romain 04 Mar 2020

I did not paint Sally for this one, but an old friend of Bob, Hoot. (

I tried not to "paint pretty" with the tips of Ben Stahl in mind and no defined step, but with a step back, it could have been more interesting with even more colors. In my opinion, and if I understand him well, we should not even be afraid of making a real mess on the canvas until having the subject nicley done. What do you think about it?

Another portrait to finish... then I'll work on structures and colors. Yay! :)


Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

About the greatest 3-dimensional effect I saw here. You managed you color shades and the light/dark contrasts as never before! This bird can say 'HOO' at any moment or spread its wings! SO REAL!!

Amazing! After two animals and couple of portraits what do you think you like more?

Romain Master of Portraits

Thanks to you! ;)
The 3-dimensional effect is popping out, if we look to the owl from far away. I find the painting not to be looked less than 2 metres away or so, because of the work on the details. Something very interesting on that one, due to its style...
Something I could have done too is a black acrylic priming: we hardly see it there, but scrapping with the top of a brush to reveal strings of white is not fitting to Hoot's feathers. Might have help with the shadows and tree textures, but hey, that's learning. :)

@Sunnylady: For now, I have no preference of subjects. I still want to progress with techniques, and would like to work on more emotional, poetic, somewhat dark paintings later... Therefore, my favorites so far are "The Gorilla and the Bee" and "The Indian Girl" for the message they are conveying.

Thanks Romain. All the best with further learning! Looking forward to see more of your paintings!

Great texture of feathers great job!

Romain, hi, I wanted to share a link with you for portrait course for very reasonable money. It is 14 steps in that course.

Only the challenge that class is in Russian. However guys work in Prague. I think you may get in touch with them regarding English version. May be some voice translators already exist to help.

Romain Master of Portraits

Thank you Jin and Sunnylady!

Yes, this seems to be a very nice course. Unfortunately, I will not buy it because of the price and that I already looked around for guidelines and ideas to draw/paint faces. There are so many around, free resources can keep us busy for a while.

I think we need to pick the right ones, aligned with our ideas and styles. Maybe not a profile, maybe not a realistic style where edges are soften, etc... There is one I need to share, by the way. :) Until now, I find that drawing a head in a 3x2x3 (likely height, width, depth) box is helpful to get the features right.

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