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Pot O' Posies

Jin7 15 Mar 2020

About 3 years ago I got a small oval canvas so then I painted this .
I have painted flower paintings maybe only 5or 6 . I'm still a beginner about painting flowers .
But I think painting flowers is easier than painting landscapes.


Very nice flowers!
I did flowers too, but just 3 times. But 2 different techniques. I found that for the first time it took a bit to figure out how to arrange petals. My first painting has very limited value chart, thus no volume. My second one even worse as I did not block color well, also I did not look for reference materials to work on the composition. First painting was poppies and daisies and second was sunflowers. So far I think my first one is the best in this technique.

Thank you for your comment.
I think there are many painters who paint flowers, such as Anet kowalski from Bob Ross Inc. and Igor Sakharov, you know, but I referred to an American painter called Gary Jenkins. I think it would be nice if you could refer to it because the video has been uploaded to youtube. For example

Igor Sakharov is also a great painter and if I can understand Russian I want to learn a lot .
Portraits are especially amazing.

I watched a lot of Gary Jenkins videos. The paintings are amazing!

Igor Sakharov is wonderful artist as well, the way he talks about painting is like listening some poem. I was trying to get in touch with him but he teaches in Moscow far away from my city. I saw that many people asked him to translate to English, unfortunately has not been done yet.

Dear Sunnylady
What a kind lady you are!
I really thank you for doing that and It's enough.
To tell the truth, I am CRIJ (Ross Certified Instructor Japan) and have several students. As I said before I 'm not a professional and can't earn my living as a Bob Ross instractor , It is almost like volunteering.
I hope that you would enjoy my paintings from now on.

Jin, thanks a lot. I see you are so good in landscapes, every landscape is amazing. I love that you take inspiration from the nature around you. Thanks for sharing beauty of the Japan with people who are far away!
All the best in your career as instructor! I am sure everything will be great for you in this path as you do wonderful paintings. May be you can use some online platforms in USA to sell the paintings. But first you need to get active presence in all the social platforms and post almost daily.

Dear Sunnylady
Thanks for your advice. But at the moment I'm not very interested in selling my works, because I want to keep some of them myself. And I also want to present them to people who will really be pleased with my work .

That's a wonderful approach as well to keep painting for yourself and for your loved ones.

About Igor Saharov what is your favorite class online?

Dear Sunnylady
There are a lot of my favorite classes by Igor Sakharov.
Especially seascapes.
I wonder why can you easily repaint the seascape on the way
with a knife?
So I am interested in his seascapes.

Wow 😍

@Froggie Thank you!

Jin, i recently talked to Igor Sakharov and we had chat to see how videos can be translated to English. He found out that few of his videos already have subtitles to different languages. I did subtitles for one of his videos too. I did not have time to work on most recent ones yet, but I hope to translate 2-3 videos more.

Dear sunnylady Thanks a million!I
I was a little worried because I hadn't seen your comment recently.
Another one I uploaded the scenery of Kamchatka. Please look at it.

I was a bit upset that my painting classes do not go nicely and I am tired of struggle with each single home work assignment I was doing. This Saturday I'll be redoing the one of the painting from scratch. Hopefully it will go easier and I can avoid making mistakes...
I just saw your Kamchatka and it is amazing!

By the way I had enough bravery to fix my sunflowers and now the bouquet has some volume in it and the strange looking flower is converted to less strange sunflower. :)

Dear sunnylady
I haven't seen your sunflower painting,I can't comment anything about it.
I 'd like to see your sunflower painting.
Tomorrow I'll upload my sunflower painting.

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