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Golden Sunset

lightsnow 27 Mar 2020

This was my 43rd painting. I've been really getting into painting on black canvases using liquid clear lately - lots of fun. For this one, I had some left over indian yellow on my canvas from painting "snow birch," so I was thinking of a painting I could make to use up that color. This was the result. About halfway through I realized I wasn't painting the painting vertically. That was my initial intention and I guess I just got so caught up in the entire process that it completely slipped my mind. But - no mistakes, only happy accidents. I tried to pull it together either way. I decided to not add foliage to the trees in the foreground on the left because I didn't want to hide the background trees and potentially muddy up all those highlights. I find that the contrast between types of trees works here. Some dead, so with leaves. This painting took me just about 2 hours to complete. After I was done, I went through it with thin white paint on my liner brush and just added sticks and twigs here and there to reinforce the illusion of depth and distance. This painting was really fun and laid back. That is becoming a theme for me lately and I'm really glad it has become this way. I can experiment and make decisions as I paint whereas, beforehand, I would really stick to whatever video I was watching. 18x24. Still isolating in my house so this painting fits in my current "stay home and paint" series!


Early snow... trees are still in gorgeous autumn dresses but winter is already here!
I cheer up for getting to the step of doing more details on your own and for experimenting!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

One of the best foliage mastering I've seen in quite a while! You are really 'in the zone' lately and I'm getting very fond of your creations.
You took a next step, and that's just great, by taking it less seriously and paint more from the heart and stomach, not from restricted paths.
…. if you understand a little what I mean. I'm not always looking things up in a dictionary (writing from heart and stomach!!) and English is only my fourth language, I can write complicated at moments!

… but always well intended!! SMILE! :)

lightsnow Community Helper

@ Sunnylady and Voy Kay - Thank you for the kind words. When I first started painting, I was always looking forward to just experimenting with paintings and having a good time. For the first year, I figured I would follow along and try and learn the technique before breaking out on my own. It was kind of like being in school. I have been watching The Joy of Painting before bed to relax for 1.5 years now. That was my theoretical training. The weekly paintings were my practical training! @ Voy Kay - Yes, I understand what you mean. It is impressive that English is only your 4th language yet you seem to know it very well! English is my second language.

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