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Evening at Sunset

lightsnow 08 Apr 2020

Painting #46. This wasn't an attempt at this specific Bob Ross painting - it's just the closest I could find that looked similar. I actually improvised this painting the entire way through without a reference and I'm pretty happy about that. I had the idea of tracing my classical guitar on contact paper. I think it came out pretty well. I didn't really know what to expect. I also tried a few new things, namely: only adding liquid clear where I was going to make the sky and water, and not adding a thin coat of color, like crimson, over the clear. I used yellows and reds mixed with white to make the sky and water. Same thing in the end but different method of doing so. I spent a little longer on this one and took my time. It took me around 2.5 hours or so. I also tried a different way of making evergreens with the #3 fan brush and pushing up, just having a good time. Overall, I'm pretty happy with this one, although the highlights on the bushes in the foreground could be diversified a bit. I'm thinking of starting a small series using acoustic instruments and tracing their shape on contact paper. The next one I have in mind is the Irish Bouzouki. 18x24


Very creative idea, lightsnow!
Great painting!

dracula Power Painter

Very cool! I think the painting itself turned out striking and vibrant; especially without reference. The classical guitar shape is very recognizable and brings an interesting conceptual dimension to the work. I wonder if you also create music to go along with the painting? I look forward to seeing the Irish Bouzouki. You might also consider the Balalaika, considering its very distinct shape.

lightsnow Community Helper

Thank you both for your kind words. @dracula - I have actually been playing and composing music for half my life. Music is really my 'first love' and my primary creative outlet. I have a recording studio in my house where I record all of my music and I have over a dozen instruments that I play. This is why I thought a small series of instrument shaped paintings would be fun since I have access. I do not own a Balalaika, however. It has forever been on my list of things to eventually purchase! I have this idea in my mind that, one day, I might create a song and then listen to it while I paint to see what emerges. Conversely, I could also paint and then look at that painting while writing music and also see how that comes out.

Lightsnow this is next level of creativity!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

It's been a long while that I have looked at this beauty! These trees with the short bracnhes have become your trademark!

I'm planning on painting a second semi-giant canvas with black gesso and an oval. I'm loudly thinking about this creation!

lightsnow Community Helper

@Voy Kay - thank you for your kind words! I'm having a lot of fun with trees lately. I'm looking forward to seeing your creation. I had a few other ideas in mind using instrument shapes. I have an Irish bouzouki I could use. It would make for an interesting contact paper cut-out.

Very cool idea! I play trumpet...trying to imagine that cut out. Lol. Beautiful painting. That sky is gorgeous.

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