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Pastel Seascape

Titanium HUWhite 21 Apr 2020

This guy was not super easy, and I found myself questioning how it would turn out several times. Piece by piece, though, it all came together and I'm glad I didn't quit. I did my best to rearrange the composition to fill a rectangle instead of an oval. If I could offer advice to someone looking to try it, I'd say: be careful with your lavender clouds, they'll eat everything up before you know it!



lightsnow Community Helper

This came out really well. I really like your sand dunes, especially the shaded areas. Nice big crasher wave too!

Thank you. lightsnow! The sand dunes were fun, and helped me with my composition. The big wave is always fun, I just need to be careful to not over-work it in the future. :-)

I like all this contrast you created in front and shadow on the wave. There is sufficient darkness in the deep water. All composition is nicely assembled together.
Beautiful painting!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

This is a TRUE beauty, in colours, shape and shadows! Your sky and waves already eat up a lot of attention but those sand dunes …. are about the very best I've seen. BRAVO!!

Sunnylady: Thank you very much for the kind feedback! I think I am most relieved that my composition is effective. I have to admit, validation from great artists like yourself is always rewarding. :)

Voy Kay: Wow, you made my day! I love to see your work on here and I always really appreciate your feedback. Thanks so much! :)

@ TitaniumHuwhite. I have to admit I dont consider myself great, I even do not consider myself an artist. Thank you very much for the compliment. I am very modest, I honestly lost all my words when I read it. You do great job with your paintings, just continue learning as we all do here, take challenges and grow as the artist.
Thank you for sharing your paintings with the community! We are here to support! And if you want just ask for advice, someone here surely can help.

I quite enjoy this painting. Difficult to decide what I like best about it. The different colors of clouds strikes me. The wave is very well done. I just absolutely love the beach area - excellent blending, and great color. The dunes are terrific. I'd love to live here. Nice job!!

Froggie: Thank you very much, Froggie! I was excited for the colors in this painting, I'm very glad they translate well! In person it's all a bit lighter and has more of that pastel flavor.

Sunnylady: You are very modest! I think in other art communities the criticism can be much harsher and standards more strict, but here everyone is much more supportive and I think that's so rare and refreshing compared to something like an art college. Don't get me wrong, constructive criticism is essential and helpful, but support and encouragement is also super important. At the end of the day. we're all creating something unique and I think that's awesome. I wish Bob was alive to see this site.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Bob would have been crazy about this!!
You're right Titanium HUWhite , this site is a bit different from other sites and shows lots and lots of respect, admiration, support, inspiration ….
Besides, many of us would not like negativism, harrassment etc.... to rule here and Felix is very on top of that. I believe he has many supporters for the way he runs this site! We can only profit from it!
Till next one!!

I love your advice about lavender clouds and wish I' read it before I tried this painting ;)

Your painting is really really beautiful, wow :)

@Umagaan :

Lol they’re tricky!! I spent so much time on my light orange and pink clouds only to cover a lot of them up. But thanks so much for your kind compliment!

excellent from every perspective. I have stayed away from the all mighty wave but always wanting to do one. i think the time has come and next painting will be the one. will use your advice about the lavender. Again great job.

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