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Mountain Cabin

Titanium HUWhite 10 Apr 2020

This is my sixth painting. It was quite involved! I spent so much time on the mountain and then I still had the entire foreground to work on. I will say my paints worked really well when making my mountain and it was super enjoyable. I did make the mountain a little too big, though, and had to squish my remaining layers a bit. I also struggled to paint the highlights on my foliage and get any paint to stick, and felt I was mud-mixing a bit (I have this problem in a lot of my paintings). Despite those two things, I am quite pleased with my end result, particularly my clouds and mountains. And painting a little cabin for the first time was super fun too. 🙂



The sky is amazing! I totally love color of the clouds. It looks peach color from my screen.
Mountain is just a blast! Texture is superb!

Thank you so much for the kind feedback, Sunnylady!

lightsnow Community Helper

You did a fantastic job on the mountain. What kind of paints are you using? I had a lot of trouble making the snow break on my own mountains for quite some time until it finally clicked a few weeks ago (I added an article about that on this site). I only recently figured out how to really add highlights and foliage without, as you described, being a 'mud mixer.' I'd say it took me a good year and around 40 painting attempts to really start getting it. Point of my story here is that you will get there as well! Having said this, I don't think your foliage looks bad here. It gets toughest when you have to add multiple layers of paint onto each other. Great work overall!

Thank you very much, lightsnow! I used mainly Bob Ross oil paints for the whole painting, but I have a few supplemental colors (also oil) from Winsor & Newton as well as Gamblin. I'm glad I'm not alone in the mud mixing struggle!! I've been painting for about a year as well, but with my schedule of work & college I don't have a lot of time to paint. With the nation-wide lock down, though, I will have a lot more time on my hands to practice! Thank you again for the great feedback.

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