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Winter Mountain

dracula 25 Apr 2020

The weather is warming up here in Austin, so I thought it might be nice to cool things down with a winter scene. Like last week's painting, this one took notably less time than usual. Perhaps it's because of the more limited palette. I used some Lead White (which is quite sticky) on the bright side of the mountains to add some warmer toned highlights on top of the Titanium White.

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That's a wonderful mountain range Dracula. There is warm color in the snow, but so subtle that it saves this gentle light and the mood in the painting. Evergreens are as perfect as usual. They are so unique, I'll call them Dracula style evergreens.
Texture in the snow is amazing. This brings shadows in the snow. I like you added purples closer to bottom edge to show the variations of the shadows.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you @SunnyLady, I appreciate your kind words! I recently got some proper hog bristle dagger brushes from Rosemary & Co. which has made the evergreen detailing process come off a little more quickly and easily.

lightsnow Community Helper

Great texture on those mountains!

Dracula do you have your bristle brushes wear quite quick? I mean hog brushes. In last 3 painting my filbert was quite worn out and length of the bristles reduced a bit. I did under paintings with that brush. Under-painting were on the odorless paint thinner and scrubbing in the paint. Do you have similar experience?

dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady, oh yes, my hog bristle brushes degrade pretty quickly. Especially my filberts, brights, and flats, which I have in several different sizes. That said, I almost never throw away brushes. I think they are equally usefully as they age, just in different situations. I personally find some stray hairs and uneven brush shapes can add a level of chaos to my brushwork and allow me to deposit slightly more unexpected marks on the canvas.

Thank you for sharing, Dracula. I lean towards the same observations. I just was worried that I do something very wrong as it is difficult to get new supplies nowadays.

dracula Power Painter

@SunnyLady, if you are currently in Texas, you may be able to phone in an order for the Rosemary & Co brushes from their US distributor (I think they are in Dallas). They are very friendly and the brushes I've gotten from them are really nice. I would expect they are still shipping orders.

I will try not to forget about them when I am back in USA.

dracula Power Painter

Here's a nice video introduction to how Rosemary & Co make their brushes. I thought it was pretty interesting:

Great work !
I' ve been looking at your works.
Many people have difficulty drawing mountains.
I think you've never had a hard time drawing a mountain like me.
But it's very easy for you and me.
Once you master this method, the rest is the same.
I would like to see your actual mountain picture. If you have the opportunity, please try it.

Dracula, thanks, this video is very nice, I never saw how brushes are made. Thanks for sharing!

dracula Power Painter

@Jin7, thank you! Yes, I have a couple of master studies I am working on now, but after that, I think I will attempt a mountain following your article. I am looking forward to it!

It's a great idea, I am really exciting to hear that.
I'm sure you can make a wonderful masterpiece.

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