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Autumn Oval

Ajl230958 03 Jun 2020

This is my first attempt at a painting in over ten years, I've had lessons from a cri, but due to family responsibilities, I couldn't dedicate the time, but now my children have flown the nest, I decided to give it a go, I'm a massive Bob Ross fan, I've watched hundreds of his videos. I welcome any observations. I hope you like it, I'm hoping to sell it and raise money for the local Hospital.



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

A very nice attempt indeed. Hoping to see more Bob Ross (or original creations) from you.

The foreground is not so clearly visible. Did you put layers of grass there and a small pathway?

Hi, thanks for the comments, I've tried without success to obtain bob ross liquid clear, I made a mistake this morning, instead of using liquid white, I somehow used linseed oil which I read online is suitable for oils, so being the dimwit I am, I inadvertently used oil instead of the liquid white, plus I could not find my oval template, so for me to attempt a first painting after ten years on a full size canvas it took a lot of nerves! The foreground, I decided that I wanted a minimalistic feeling, and I want the path to be the focal point and to "lead you into the painting" I hope that makes sense. Thanks Andrew.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Andrew, I can help you with a solution to liquid clear. Sunnylady has posted an article about it so you will be able to make it yourself. Here is the link to the article:

I understand the artistic approach and vision of the artist so thank you for explaining the foreground!

Stay safe and happy painting!

Thanks for the link, it's appreciated.

Ajl230958, very nice painting. Keep going as you certainly has the base from the past to build on!
Regarding liquid clear and oil: there are recommendations not to use pure oil as the media through entire painting. I need to refresh why exactly.
However for liquid clear if you have turpentine or odorless pain thinner(white spirit) you can mix it with oil. Looking at what you can do I'd suggest to you to start with 75% of thinner/turp and 25% of oil.
A note: Turpentine evaporates way faster and it is more dangerous for respiratory tract due to pinens in it(chemical substances). If you use turp make sure windows are opened as you need fresh air in the room. Otherwise you'll get dizzy.

One IMPORTANT thing: Do not mix turpentine with odorless paint thinner ever.

Turpentine may trick you in to the thinking that because it is made from the wood resin it is more natural rather than white spirit made from the oil. But in fact both are dangerous but in slightly different ways.

For more research please refer to Safety Data sheets and then Wikipedia and Google.

Hi thanks for the advice, appreciate it.

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