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Meadow Brook Surprise

BrookeBowling 05 Jun 2020

Meadow Brook Surprise: Season 14 Episode 2
Oils on 16x20
I watched Bob do the whole thing, then used the picture to just paint without video. I usually stress about “messing up,” but this time I just painted and tried to enjoy.



And you got a very nice painting!

I totally hear you about following video. I feel very stressed to mess up when i follow a video. But when it is off and I follow a picture after watching it is so much more joy.

That's exactly the best way to do it for a more enjoyable experience. And when you don't need the video that's when you develop your own style. Nice foreground trees by the way.

Thanks TheLandskapePainter! That is wonderful advice. I never thought about it from this perspective. But I am certainly starting thinking about developing my own style. I guess I need more practice may be another year before getting into my own style.

You know I was thinking to visit local art museum to get inspired and analyze in depth few of my favorite paintings there. I think visiting museums also will help with looking into more styles.

I think many painters here have already developed their style. I wonder how this happened over time how many months it took. How conscious it was. Oh my, I have 3 million questions as usual. :)

SunnyLady, I think it just happens naturally rather than by choice. Paint in a way that you find easy and makes you feel good, and that's your style. I'll tell you a story. Way back when I was a childrens entertainer, an art gallery hired me to paint faces at a re-opening event. The curator said my work was amazing and she didn't know how did that and that I made it look so easy. I'd never put brush to canvas in my life, I looked up at this superb oil painting of lions close by and I said, "No, that's amazing! what I do is just fun and easy." (the word I was actually thinking was "rubbish"). She commented on my style which I found highly amusing. I didn't understand what she meant until now. Just paint in a way that makes you happy and don't overthink things, don't make hard work of it Sunny, you've done some great paintings and you already have style! Apologies to Brooke for hijacking your thread!

Thanks a lot for this valuable insight! I will give it all another round of thoughts and will continue painting!

Brooke, I like your version so much more than Bob's.

Lovely painting. Well done.

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