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Forest Edge

Forest Edge

#3: A lighter interpretation, the green background looks much darker in person!! I forgot to put in PeePod The Pocket Squirrel🤦🏼‍♂️ I will put PeePod in at a later date!!


Very nice, excellent looking trees

MaxPowers, Thank you very much!

This looks like a fine illustration for a fairy tale. So intriguing!

JPlaxico, I agree! My son calls it the enchanted forest and he try’s to find little hobbits or elves lol. He spotted something peaking out of the darkness in the large main tree at the bottom. It looks like eyes peaking out lol.
Thank you!

JPlaxico, I forgot to say this was a fun painting to do!

I really like this. It has a nice feel to it. It's welcoming.

wetonwetgreg, I appreciate it!!
Thank You!

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