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Blue River


#4. This one had it’s up’s and down’s and almost got completely wiped down, but I stuck with it and changed some things up. Changed the hills a bit, added some stars, left out the big trees(I just don’t like them) In the right part of the painting above the tree on the right I put in a ufo, just two stars together with a dim light beam shining down to the right on the backside of the hill, had to have some fun with it! Ok the ufo was a happy little accident lol.


I'm glad you stuck with it, it's a fantastic painting. I love the deep blue and lavender colors, how they blend and reflect in the river.

MJ, me to!! I had the pallet knife in one hand and a rag with paint thinner on it in the other hand, ready to wipe it off. I then decided to just use this painting for practicing bushes and water lines and I was having fun with no pressure of messing it up. I’m glad I did. Thank you, I appreciate it!

MaxPowers Community Helper

Well done. I like it

MaxPowers, Thank you!!

lightsnow Community Helper

Your story of how you were ready to wipe this down is the epitome of "we don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents." It's a really nice painting. What brush did you use to make the bushes?

lightsnow, Thank you! I kept on saying that to myself, and it worked out. I used the 1” brush straight/horizontal without the corner of the brush rounded to make the bushes!
Thank you again!!

This is so pretty! Glad you didn't wipe it clean.

Thank You!

Great painting, very nice colors 👍

I appreciate that!
Thank You!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Excellent brush and colour control! 😊

Voy Kay,
Thank You! I haven’t painted since this last painting! I’m starting to get back the feeling again and gearing up for another! 🤞🏻
Thank You again!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

I hope you will take up the brushes again, we are all anxious about future endeavourments!!

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