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Cabin at Sunset

dracula 11 Jul 2020

I'm just going to work myself through Season 10, so that means that I have to paint the occasional cabin, which typically isn't my favorite. That said, I did enjoy this painting overall.



Lovely painting as always and I like your cabin. Your paintings inspire me!

lightsnow Community Helper

Awesome painting! I really like the cabin and your evergreens!

Amazing painting Dracula! Colors are awesome! Cabin, trees, all is beautiful!

I just saw it from laptop and there's a lot of amazing brush work in the mid- and fore- grounds. It has feel of the spring coming because of the trees on the left. I really looking in the sky to see birds flying to their nests at the end of the day. Cabin is very impressive. I think this is that special sticky media maroger?

You painted a nice cabin! Your trees are always spot on. Another job well done.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you everyone, I appreciate your kind words!

@SunnyLady, you have a very astute eye! I didn't use Maroger Medium on the cabin, BUT I did use Lukas Medium 5 (Painting Butter), which is a thick, fast-drying medium that I find useful for making the paint break and drag. I'm not convinced it's a particularly archival medium, but it's pretty cheap and good for mountains and cabins in the Bob Ross style.

@Dracula: You always find interesting technical solutions for interesting effects!

Your work is always carefully detailed. The individual trees and the shadow of the wonderfully beautiful cabin is impressive!

I'm impressed, but also curious: since you clearly like to do a lot of detail, how long does it take you to complete a painting? I ask especially because I've been wondering how much time I might be able to get out of a single coat of liquid white.

dracula Power Painter

Thank you @MrsGipe, I appreciate it! My paintings used to take an average of about 4 hours but these days it takes more like 3. I think you can probably work your liquid white comfortably for 24 hours, maybe more. Another consideration: the liquid white, in my opinion, is most useful for blending the sky. It's kind of a liability in the foreground where you generally want your colors to be darks and more intense. So, if you finish your sky in one sitting and work on the middle and foreground the next day, all with the same coast of liquid white, you might get even better results. I'm just guessing, I haven't tried it for a Bob Ross painting.

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