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Ocean Breeze

dracula 25 Jul 2020

I have lately been interested in picking up speed in my paintings, not so much because I don't want to spend the time painting, but rather as a challenge to myself as a painter. I am pretty confident in my ability to hunker down for hours painting in fine details, but I am less confident in my judgement for laying down expressive strokes of color and just letting them do their job without fuss. This boldness is part of why I appreciate painters on here like @Moai; it is a quality I aspire to in my own work. I mention all of that for two reasons:

1. This is my speed-record for a Bob Ross painting. About 2 hours and 45 minutes, including cleanup.

2. There are passages in this painting that I like, particularly around the rocks, that happened in one go where I applied the paint and just let it do the work.

On another note: this is my third seascape and while I didn't have a particular artist in mind that I was trying to emulate (other than Bob), I was consciously trying to make the water patterns a little more rough and chaotic compared to my previous seascapes. This is more how I have experienced the sea personally and part of what I love about it.



The sky is more natural than the original and the rocks are perfect. My advice, the right side of a big wave draws a line with a fan brush This is especially important. Take a closer look at Bob's brush movement on the S21E8. If this works well, the impression will change considerably. And please try this work.

This is one of my favorite paintings. Really nice.

you did great job on the waves and also the sky is very pretty.

Hi Dracula!...Fangs for the beautiful paintings....i love them all

Dracula, fantastic painting. I think you starting harnessing sea with its roughness.
I totally hear you about freedom of the brush strokes and wish you all the success in your journey!

I love this. You are so talented. It's really amazing that you finished it (including clean up) that fast. My record is around 3 hours, but clean up not included in that. Well done!!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Fantastic painting.Love the brush work on the ocean.The sky is threatening with its storm clouds.This is right up my alley as I have salt in my veins.Super job!!

Wow, I love this painting 😍 Amazing sky and rocks and I can almost hear the wave splashing against them...

Can you explain how you paint the foam on the big wave? Bob paints it with filbert brush but yours is much more delicate amd transparent and I really like it.

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