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Ocean Breeze

Sunnylady 07 Oct 2021

Another quick sketch for today. 1 hour. Gouache for kids. Watercolor paper. 18 by 28 cm or so.
Painting at artificial light at 11PM is a challenge.

Just realized a strong pattern in birds, even I tried to avoid it. Pity I could not see it up close.



A beautiful sea! I like the many color variations in the waves.

Very pretty! Love the waves breaking on the beach!

lovely painting.. not sure what gouache is but will look it up. Love the Sean and is apparent translucency.. Fantastic

@Forestvue - thanks. Since this paint dries so fast it was a challenge. I tried to do wet on wet mixing and it did not work. But when amount of paint grew up wet brush allowed some sort of mixing in the brushstrokes.

@David - thank you! This is a nice media. It is water based and easy to clean. Upper wet layers can dilute lower layers allowing a bit of color unity. There is a nice article on wiki. Don’t mix it up with acrylic gouache as that is a different thing. Did you notice pattern in my birds? I tried to direct eye in the painting but totally messed it up.

@paintingblondie - thank you very much!

dracula Power Painter

The color and weight of the waves are really great @SunnyLady! the translucency you achieved with such an opaque medium as gouache is a testament to your skill as a painter!

Ooooh @dracula - thank you for your kind words. I am so touched. Truth is it was a challenge and I am super happy it looks like water. Till my pallet(glass plate) became full mess colors (not matter how I tried) did not work at all. It was like a click in my head when I realized that moment it worked.

Thank you for the explanation of gouache .. not another medium for me to try !! :) In all honesty I was so impressed by the translucency in the waves I didn't really notice the birds too much, but now I have seen them I think they look just great particularly the one on the left heading off the page ..

@David - That seagull on the left was very intentional to stop the eye that would slide from the page climbing the stone upwards to the left corner. Recently I am thinking a lot about composition and what makes painting whole.

Wow .. a whole level above me, I am still on values and colours ... but the seagull definitely works looks really good.. Happy Painting

David - do you have any recommendations how to work on value? I know I can take black and white photos during the process but very lazy. What do you do to be such a good friend with value relations in your paintings? Your first oils were so good already that caught attention straight away. Do you do a lot of charcoal or pencil?

@David - I have not painted with my oil paint for somewhat 2 months and if I cannot paint I decided I can Learn something new. The muscle memory will help to resume but the time I would have lost without learning will not be compensated.

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Great job Sunny

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Very nice! I agree with Dracula on the color of the water, so real.

@Mgiese - thank you!
@flippergirl - thank you so much. I looked it just now at sun light and i like this water color too!

@Mgiese - thank you!
@flippergirl - thank you so much. I looked it just now at sun light and i like this water color too!

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