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Island in the Wilderness

18 Aug 2020

Oh man, did I get frustrated with this one. I was picking too much background up with my brush and blending when I didn't want to so I used more paint and ended up committed to having to slap it on there real thick. The final result actually didn't turn out as poorly as I feared but I'm not proud of how frustrated I got. But as Bob pointed out, anybody can paint with just a little practice...



It looks good, good progression of distances. Sometimes it looks terrible before it looks good, you just have to be willing to keep after it. This is a great result even through frustration!

Finally someone who I can relate to. I also sometimes feel frustrated when painting! Only good thing after frustration i find a solution to solve the problem and understand that some things require way too much practice.

I was really wondering if many people feel the same. Apparently not.

After reading a book about drawing they said there that we need to involve right part of the brain and switch off critiques from the left part. I still have moments of frustration and I am learning how to accept them.

You got a beautiful painting there! Trees look very nice, shapes are varying and this is the key to success! Sky is awesome too!

Power Painter

The sky is blended in a very lovely way. The distant hills are perfect, and the shape of your evergreens is very naturalistic. Looks like a winner to me! Well done!

Following on from @SunnyLady's comment: I think it's normal to get frustrated sometimes, especially with oil paint because it is a stubborn (albeit beautiful) medium. I don't get frustrated often when I paint, but it definitely happens. Sometimes the push and pull struggle yields an even better result that you might have gotten otherwise. Sometimes not so much, like I recently experienced with Secluded Bridge. In the end however, we just keep learning and with painting, even our less-than-happy accidents pay dividends!

Thanks a lot Dracula and Clearlysandra for sharing your feelings behind the painting process!

It is amazing sometimes how a painting will surprise you. I had one recently that partway through I figured would be my first to throw in the trash. Amazingly it came together. I don’t let it upset me realizing it’s just a canvas, a little paint and always a learning experience.

This turned out very nice. I really like the pinkish sky and large pines.

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