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Forest Edge

TheLandscapePainter 02 Sep 2020

Didn't really enjoy this one, I don't like underpainting because it means plotting where things go beforehand. But I do like the leafy effect that it created.



The foliages and branches are nicely done.
Good Job!

Thank you Jin7. I do find branches quite difficult, I understand the technique but doing it is another thing. Can't seem to get them as thin as I would like. I've got a spare liner brush so I'm considering cutting away some of the outer bristles to make it thinner. An artist friend I used to work with had a brush with only three hairs on it. Might be good to use on thin distant twigs and long foreground grass too.

I think you should stop cutting the hair on the outside of the liner brush. I did that, but the results were worse. If you want to draw finer lines, you can use a tole painting brush.
Besides, your branches are never too thick and are drawn very well.

Ahh a tole painting brush. I dabbled with one stroke painting a few years ago when I was making greeting cards. It never occurred to me to try different brushes on my oil paintings. That's really helpful, thank you.

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Nice work!

The painting is beautiful.

I also have problems with painting branches. I'm thinking I'll just get some ink, paper and a liner brush and simply try to work out and learn how branches grow and how to make them thin enough...

Thank you umagaan. Many recommend just simply looking at a tree - really looking at it! I went out and took some photographs of trees that I intend to use for detail work.

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