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Winter Frost

LiquidClear 13 Sep 2020

Painting number 2. No liquid white in the house, so I used liquid clear mixed with some titanium white. Gave a real pleasure blending the sky. I had some trouble getting the right texture into the bushes, so any tips and tricks are welcome! A liner brush would have come in handy for the trees on the right... But all in all quite pleased with the result and ready for the next!



Love this, especially the sky. I think the trees on the right benefited from no liner brush. They have a rustic look that sets them off.

Freezing weather is passed through your color choices of purples and blue-greens. House colors are very nicely selected to fit well with the rest of the colors.

good job on your harmony of colors .....I can really feel the cold. Bravo. Your tree is just fine.

If you were going for the icy look you've nailed it! A tip for your bushes LQ, first lay down a darker colour then white highlights over the top, you need the dark to make the light stand out. And when doing the white highlights turning your brush in different directions will help shape your bushes. Use a light touch. Hope that helps. Wouldn't have known this is just your 2nd painting!

Thank you for these nice words and for the tip, I will be trying that next time! Just one more question: how would you avoid the dark colour from mixing with the light colour on top? Do you put a lot of paint on your brush?

If your layers mix together it's usually because your under layers are too wet and you make mud. The dark colour needs to go on quite sparingly so that it's not too wet and you're going to cover some of it over anyway so no need to pile it on. I started to get better results when I began to think of this technique as wet on damp rather than wet on wet. When you add your lighter colour on top it should be thinner (runnier) than the paint underneath so dip your brush in magic white then load your brush with the paint colour of your choice, you can put plenty on your brush for this layer if you want to but you must apply it very gently. The brush doesn't need to touch the canvas, just the paint that's on the end of the brush needs to touch. Think of it as painting on the wings of a butterfly not on a tough canvas. Also if your top layer is too dry you tend to press too hard trying to get the paint to stick to the canvas but it won't (that's when you make mud). You can actually lay down your darker colour, continue with your painting elsewhere and then go back later to add your highlights, that gives the darker colour a chance to dry out a bit before adding the top layer and that can help sometimes.

Great, thank you so much for the elaborate answer! I just kept on pushing huge amouts of paint onto the canvas until it would stick, leaving me with the 'muddy' effect indeed.. This seems like a much better (and gentler) approach, I will try it out soon!

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