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Evening's Peace

J.D 11 Oct 2020

Oh the cabins. They have been a nightmare to me. I love the moon light scenery.



Nightmare or not, you got these looking good :)

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Bushes and trees stand out in this moonlight!!

Thank u so much for the encouragement guys

Guna u can!! I have 0 talent and not an artist. All it takes is to want it, to be persistent and not to give up and to be willing to practice. I can't even draw a stick figure. Don't say that. U can and better than me

@GunaM - Guna, you can, we all start at some point and then just learn and test things, then revisit after some time and wonder what the heck we did. Main component as JD mentioned persistence that does not exist without positive attitude. Positive attitude does not happen without being present at the moment of painting and accepting everything you feel (sometimes we get MAD), and it gives so much learning and growth. That each next painting is a little step to better you as artist.

You can do it! We know it!

@JD Cabins are not bad at all. Look at the details you made! Buildings can frustrate a lot tough...(painful experiences of mine too). I am looking at the fence you made, this is very delicate work with liner brush and it nicely follows perspective. As advice try to draw on paper 1 and 2 point perspective buildings. It is easy and takes 5-10 min and gives a great insight in the way they should look. if you struggle is with paint, i am sure it is temporarily as you can handle the brushes nicely - Look at the sky and trees and fence! just a bit more practice. you can skip pallet knife and use flat brush as mini-pallet knife with more control.

One more tip: you can scrape the outline to follow with back side of the brush. it will be a good guide.

Thank u so much for the positive encouragement

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