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Twilight Beauty

Voy Kay 13 Oct 2020

I recycled an old semi-giant canvas, 20"x28", and painted black gesso over it. In search of a Bob Ross painting with black gesso, I stumbled upon this creation from Bob which is one of my favourites (I have many favourites!). Viewing what our successful members achieved with this one, I defenitely wanted to give it a try as well.
The giant size needed some getting used to but at least, I could put all my big brushes to work with this creation.

Giant paintings also mean other (object) dimensions, more paint and specially time consuming. I needed to control these all very carefully.
Hardest part of this painting was cutting the giant oval and controlling the amount of liquid white & Phthalo blue in my tree foliage and bushes. Yet ....I think I made it work this time!
Easiest were, by far, the big trees on the left. As my family stated, they are about the best I ever painted so far! To tell you the truth, such trees are so much easier to paint on a big canvas!
Lots of work went into the sky but also into the evergreens which I wanted to be outstanding! All were left dark to contrast better with the sky and the water. Bob never bothered to make reflections of the big evergreens, nor the lighted sky. I hope I have proved him wrong with my version!

Please, feel free to comment, read some fantastic articles and above all, stay safe and enjoy painting!

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Fantastic job. All your trees are very realistic and a great perspective throughout the whole painting. Top job!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you Marc!
Trees were a success thanks to the canvas size of 50 by 70 cms. I had all the room in the world for 2 inch brush and number 6 fanbrush!
I might easily get hooked on these canvasses!

Voy, this is brilliant execution! Very careful work in the sky and with planes and how you progressed forward. Very careful work on the value here to create depth! Adding reflection and sky colors to the water worked awesome! Evergreens are super nicely done! The shape, size - perfect creations. Trees on the left - gorgeous.
Amazing softness in the sky. I think you found something new in terms of the tools use to create such beautiful soft sky in the second painting in a row.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Sunnylady, what would any painting/drawing of mine be worth without your valuable, integer and heartwarming comments!!!

Most, if not all, of my positive achievements of this painting were feasable because of that giant canvas. I had all the room in the world to work with AND all the best tools to work with, never to trouble about too big brushes on too little canvasses.

I am VERY happy, appreciative, overhelmed by your comment since you are a wonderful artist and know so much, almost like no other, to view and value other creations.
For this, I am SO grateful and specially so proud!

I believe I made (another) fabolous creation and felt so happy about that. It is true that I had prepared this days and days in a row since I wanted this to be a success. So preparation DOES pay off!!!
And yes .... the family is also VERY WILD about it!

What else do I need for a PERFECT day??!!

Black gesso is becoming a favorite of mine :D You nailed the trees .. pun intended..

I loved the size 50 by 70 too! My recent I have not posted yet is the same size. I am so much agreeing with you about more freedom in just extra 10 and 20 cm! I think that this format is somewhat of traditional proportions and makes paintings look a step better as eye is trained to those proportions more and it also makes painting process easier for us. I am considering to switch to that format too. We came to the same conclusion independently. Isn't it great?!

Let's learn together Voy! I am glad to share what I learn with people when they ask. I think nobody called me a wonderful artist yet and it feels so good. I will keep learning. Thank you!

Voy, I looked back and I think when you started experimenting with magic white on the sky (crane, Pollard, dragonglies) this is when the magic happened and allowed you to get to these most recent skies. Great blending and color choices to show shine in the sky!

This is so beautiful. Your pines and frosted bushes and trees are superb! Sky and reflections are just right. 🎉

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

@Wybnormal, I am truly fond of black gesso and liquid clear. The colours are more alive and the paintings look less dull.
Liquid white is only my favourite when I want a pastel taste to the painting!

Already four people saw this one for real at my home, and all first comments were about the trees!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

@ Sunnylady,

Learning with you?? My sweet child, waaaay too much honour for this old amateur but ... YES, of course, I would always be proud to learn with and from a 'wonderful artist'!

I had a conversation yesterday with the missus and she was also convinced that the 50x70 format (or anything close to that) is the best. Not only for painting but also for admiring!
However .... we would never have the room to expose them. Even this beauty will need home and wall improvising!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

@Wonderful artist, (only) a few of Bob's techniques are mastered by me and one of them is blending, especially when I can do my own thing. Meaning that sometimes I follow Bob too strict and end up with poor blendind or a troubled sky.
I learned now that when I do my own thing/style, which is a well kept secret (chuckles!), I get far better results and specially, I recognize myself better in it. Win-Win!!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Tom, so happy you like that shy coloring!
I knew you did this one, yet it seems to have dissappeared. Is that so?
Was yours with acrylics or oils?

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear ForestVueGallery, thank you so much for your cheers!
For once, I got the foliage and highlights right! A lot had to do with better brush control since this was a big canvas. I have some other favourites from Bob that I want to paint and maybe it would be wise to get my hands on a few more of these 50x70 (or similar) canvasses!
Bob didn't care too much about reflections in this painting, which I believe does injustice to it. I'm happy I took my own decision and cherished those reflections!

Till next one!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Tom, I must've mistaken with another one of your creations, I thought I saw your version once.

After some liquid clear (that I whiped off a little!!), I applied very little Acrimson overall and some Pblue on the left, bottom and top side. The dullness was enhanced by the amount of Titanium white that was used. As you know, Twhite is not transparent and thus carefully brings out both transparents crimson and blue. When you use a small amount, you get that dull, slightly grey effect. The more you whipe, the darker it gets.

This morning, I will search for another semi-giant canvas since I want to paint 'Rivers piece' S23E6 and feel that can only be a success with a big canvas.

Till next one!

The trees are grea, the sky is amazing, but the light and color you put across the water is truly gorgeous. Yes, I am attracted to all things aquatic, that's no surprise. Well done Voy! My applause - with thundering shouts of "encore!" 🖤

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Hahaha, 5:56am and I laughed the house awake!
Thank you so much Froggie, your comments gives me warmth and inspiration.
It is strange that Bob mostly neglected this water in this particular painting. A small happy mistake from him!
Meanwhile, this beauty is hanging above the fireplace in the living room (hope the snow will not melt!) and no family member can pass it without looking at it!

Till next one!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

You are big competition for Pietro, Sunnylady, as 'master of the seas'!

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