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Falls in the Glen

Voy Kay 12 Oct 2020

Another Bob Ross today since on Mondays, I have my office available which is also my micro art studio.
I intend to complete season 23, so this is the fourth painting of that season.
Canvas used was a budget 16"x20" and in total 11 different brushes were used. Not that that amount helped for the result since it is poor to my opinion. Simply, I had too few heart to paint this morning yet this one was already prepared (black gesso) weeks ago and I wanted it finished.
What I like most is the water, hardest part were the rocks and the bushes on the left side which Bob rushed in at the last seconds!
What agonized me most was the liquid clear that reacted again with my VERY firmly cleaned AND dried brushes and thus decided to mess up half my sky!
Enjoy and read some articles please and till next one!

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Felix Creator of

That birch tree in the front is superb. Really nice structure and very subtle curves. Great work

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

True Felix, I never thought that white bark with a touch of grey would work but it does in this scenery. These trees do exist but only saw them in Southern Europe.
I would love one in my garden though!!

Nice very nice

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thank you J.D. Maybe I am too strict for myself but I hoped for a better end result. This is my fourth falls painting and only once was I happy with it!

Till next one!

The eye is drawn to the waterfall as highest contrast in the painting. The splashes of the upper one are great! They catch the eye. But lower falls are more gentle and calm, and real nice too. Water is super!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Dear Sunnylady, in fact the falls came out brighter then I wanted, yet as you stated, that amplifies the contrast with the dark background.
Most happy I am with the water and yes, the sparklings are not bad at all. They were bigger at first yet I had to fill them up with rocks and bushes!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Tom, I so much welcome and appreciate your kind and warm comment!
It is true that I dislike/hate being cornered with one or just a few aspects of art. I will never be a (grand)master at anything yet do wanna explore my frontiers up to the limit. That way, I have a fruitful feeling about it, even when mishaps and failures can/do occur! I can live with that, no worries.

Mentioning my own style .... I had about the same thought. It is clearly visible throughout several similar of my paintings that I use about the same colouring, the same brush strokes, the same errors ....
If that's a happy style (seascapes, Africans, nudes ....) I don't mind but for something like this painting, I would've liked that I had improved more already.

What were the words again?? .... 'Practice' .... 'Patience' ..... Practice .... Patience .....
Hapily smiling here!

Till next one, that will be a giant canvas this time!

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