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Countryside Barn

Sunnylady 31 Oct 2020

I went rogue and regretted. Small size does not forgive errors. And that thing... with two vanishing points.... mmmm... completely forgot about it.

My husband joked that house is trying to fly away when he saw its red wings.
Gouache, printer paper, A4



I think it looks pretty good! I have questions if you don’t mind. First, what’s gouache? I’ve never heard of it. Second, what do you mean by two vanishing points? I guess I don’t understand what’s wrong with the perspective lol. I can tell maybe something isn’t quite the way it should be, but I can’t figure out why.

@doggymommee8301 Thanks a lot!
I found couple of links for you about gouache and will share here.
First one is from Wiki:

Here is video where lady demonstrates behavior of gouache.

Here is link about two point perspective, it has two vanishing points and well... I did not use any drawing/sketching that is why house looks fishy. I bet if to try to recreate where horizon is supposed to be it will be somewhere else and hopefully just one horizon line and not more.

This is the reason why you eye sees the problem.

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Sorry but can't resist to be funny here..... from the distance, it looks like the house has a hat!
With all respects, my precious friend!! 😁😊

The tiling on the roof is so shy yet very recognizable. Woodwork is great, flowers are happy but most of all, I like your sun in that sky!!

Thank you Sunnylady, much appreciated. I’ll check out those videos soon! And I agree with Voy! The sky is what first drew me in.

Thanks Voy, no offense taken. This is indeed funny house! It is such a failure but in a fun way. It seems to me that this Little red roof and wolf is coming.

@Voy @ Doggymommee sky is made with ultramarine blue and what was supposed to be sun looks a bit like a moon. Don’t you have this weird feeling about sky?

I do think it probably looks more like a moon than a sun, but I really like it! I love paintings with moons!

Thanks, for telling me I am happy you feel the same. In fact that was another happy accident.

Nice Job keep it going ❤️

Thanks Navyman!

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