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Roadside Barn

dracula 31 Oct 2020

I spent my first year (or more) of Bob Ross painting cherry-picking examples that appealed to me or seemed like they would make a strong painting. Now, I am going back through my books in chronological order and am left with many compositions I had previously skipped, including everything with a cabin or barn. I assume that with practice, these structures will become easier for me.



I’ve been a avoiding cabins and barns as well. I plan on attempting it...someday. Your barn looks fantastic but the trees in the foreground are my favorite. The limbs are very delicate and the bark has great texture. Always a pleasure to see your work!

This is such a lovely scene. The coloring and so many details give it realism. I expect a cow to walk into the scene!

Such a nice and calm scene! Every time I wait when you post your next painting! I think this one has the biggest barn of all and it looks super! I think you nailed it!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Drac...Havent seen you around my friend..Not much I can say about this beauty..Just, awesome painting!!Cheers,P

Cabins and barns are so cute and a great addition to a landscape. If you find them easy then its great, but if not they're worth practicing to get them right. I've done two, I was pleased with my first one but the second one went horribly wrong. I'm not one for sketching but it might be worth doing as it's all about the angles. You'll get it how you want it in no time Dracula, you're a star. I was expecting you to smash the halloween competition. Where have you been? Has Felix had you held up in a crypt somewhere spooky?

I am always so excited when you post a new painting. Absolutely stunning, as usual Dracula. I agree with TLP... I was really hoping you would have a Halloween submission!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you all for the encouraging words as I practice these cabins and structures.

@TheLandscapePainter & @doggymommee8301 - yes, I had intended to participate in the Halloween event, but ran out of time. I have a lot of creative endeavors I'm always juggling at the same time and just managing what I have on my plate is about as much as I can handle. It was awesome seeing all the wonderful entries; what a great community!

That's what creative people do Dracula, I've done a lot of cardmaking in the past, now I make miniatures and I paint. Many people choose to do nothing with their free time, yet it's so rewarding when you create something isn't it. I too appreciate the community here, I do believe there is genuine camaraderie.

.Very nice to look at. And the tree at the foreground..... Wow.

I really like your work.

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