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Storm on the Horizon

Umagaan 02 Jan 2021

Things I have (hopefully) learned while painting this one: 1. be careful with liquid clear, before you know there's too much of it, 2. purple clouds eat up your sky - I scraped the first ones off and repainted half the sky.
I still find it very difficult to work with liquid clear and because of (I think) too much liquid clear I had problems blending the eye of the wave. It just didn't blend right. And the wave in all the paintings I did before was facing left so with this one facing right I had a few difficulties. I tried painting the foam the way Voy Kay suggests in his article and I like it more than the previous I painted (thanks Voy 🤗).
I had lots of fun painting the sand dune (once I scraped the first one and the excess liquid clear off) and the palm tree.
All in all I'm quite satisfied with how this one turned out. Looking forward to painting more seascapes.



Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Hey, thank you for mentioning me and the article! SO HAPPY it was useful to you!

You know, this is really a good painting where you gave lots of items the correct attention. Less foam in the distance and more in the front, the lighter shade of the front wave, an outstanding and very well finished palm tree and those water sparkles on the wave are worth a milion! To name a few.

BRAVO Umagaan!!

Concerning the liquid clear, it is true that one can not put a lot on the canvas. The best you can do is ALWAYS whipe off the canvas with some paper towel after applying the clear.
If nothing is on it after whiping, you may have applied not enough (this will occur only rarely). If only a little comes off, you have the right amount and if you have a lot on the towel, then please whipe it a second or even a third time!!
Too much will always ruin your painting! Check this one out:

Good luck on your next endeavours and happy painting!!

wow, this is gorgeous. I can feel the breeze!

would love to do a painting like this but not comfortable at ALL with the water, of which yours is super

Just go for it. At worst you waist some paint. You can always reuse the canvas and any experience you gain is valuable😉

Well done!

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