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Night Light

BrookeBowling 16 Jan 2021

16x20. I ran out of room on the bottom. Definitely need to practice the light from the lighthouse. It was fun to try.



Great colors in the sky. Good job!

I love the clouds and how the colors shift in them. I haven’t done a dark canvas/liquid black painting yet, as I’m still just learning technique, but these look amazing. How different is it to do the “dark side?”

The light both from the lighthouse and the invisible moon are really well done. Great job!

Thanks, all!
LCLeonard-This one had black gesso first. It didn’t have instructions to use liquid clear, but I did on all but the rocky area on bottom left. The black canvases are both fun because of the cool effects (like the Aurora Borealis) and challenging because it’s hard to see what you’re doing cause it’s so dark. Wishing you happy painting!

Wow! That sky is immense!

This is maybe my favorite painting on the site. I think yours is even better than Bob's. I never had any interest in trying this one, but after seeing yours, I think I might! This is gorgeous! Just stunning.

RKGal—Wow! Thank you for the praise! It’s definitely a lot different. I noticed that he never mentions using liquid clear. I did use it on all but the cliff area. I also added blue under painting to parts of the sky to go with the colors he suggests covering it with. I do wish I would have used a little less yellow coming from the lighthouse. I was worried about keeping the lighthouse straight and ended up using the larger palette knife to “cut” a line down. That helped me shape it. I had studied everyone’s version on here and saw a few with the rays of light coming from the lighthouse and liked the idea. I was going for white, but there was too much yellow on the canvas. I might try again to see how it will come out different. I look forward to seeing your version. Thanks, again for your kind words!

I too am impressed with your work here. I also like your idea of studying other folks’ paintings before starting to get ideas and a better sense of where potential issues lie. Hadn’t thought to do that! Smart! Thanks!

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