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Winter Moon

Laztlain 08 Feb 2021

I am really into the black canvas lately!



Love this, so beautiful.

That sky looks amazing. Beautiful painting❤

Good job with the moon!

Really good.

Outstanding mountains and water.

This is great! Question since I’m new and want to do this one next: he starts with the black canvas, which I have. Then he says he adds a layer of van Dyke brown and prussian blue over that. Is there liquid clear between the canvas and those first two color layers, or does he just add those and then go from there? I’ve never done one of his paintings without at least one layer of liquid something

Omgosh, that sky's incredible!

Thank you for the kind words everyone! This website is full of positive people; just like Bob would want!
LCLeonard - I too am new to painting and have only been doing it for 3 weeks. I did some research on the black canvas paintings and this it what I have found: in the early seasons of The Joy of Painting Bob had not yet invented "liquid clear". As a result, the thick transparent paints would be applied directly to the black canvas. It is kind of a pain to get these thick paints to a nice thin even spread over the dry canvas. Later after liquid clear had been invented, the process is to first put a super thin coat of liquid clear on the canvas and then apply the colors (like the Van Dyke Brown and Prussian Blue) over that. Much easier to spread these paints on with the liquid clear on there.
In my case for this painting, I did not have any liquid clear so I did something a little different: I mixed the paints with a little bit of linseed oil on the palette until I got the consistency of liquid white. If it looked too thick, I added a drop of linseed oil. Too thin, add a little paint. Think of it as "liquid blue" instead of liquid white or liquid clear! Then I applied my liquid blue just like you would apply liquid white, and off you go! Lastly I did not use Van Dyke Brown in my "liquid blue", it was a mix of mostly Pthalo Blue with a little Pthalo Green. There is a guy on YouTube called HappyTreesArtbyBram that I got the idea of the sky for this painting from. He is a Certified Ross Instructor and an excellent teacher when watching his videos. Good luck!

Dang this is good. I hope someday to just stand in your shadow!

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