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Sunset Aglow

JustStarting 04 Mar 2021

How the devil does Bob make those beautiful clouds. Man they are difficult. I can’t get my white clouds to stay white! Help!



Nice trees! A few suggestions you might try. You have to remember that when you paint your white clouds it can pick up whatever colour is underneath so try to keep your underneath colour as dry as possible by applying it very lightly before you put your white clouds in, and maybe use a bit less liquid white/clear when you prepare your canvas. When applying your white clouds use a light touch, bob often looks like he's scrubbing it in but you need to use gentle pressure only, try not to keep going over the same spot as that can pick up the under-colour, and if using the fan brush wipe your brush off and re-load with clean white regularly. Have enough white paint on your brush so it sticks to the canvas with light pressure only. Blend only with a clean dry brush using no pressure. Other painters manage to paint beautiful clouds using different brushes but I never made a half decent cloud until I started using the soft blender brush. I had some success by painting the sky, then the rest of the painting allowing time for the sky to dry a bit before going back and putting the clouds in. Something out of that lot might help. And remember to cross your fingers also because sometimes painting goes well and sometimes it doesn't! If other members have any further tips I too would love to hear them.

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