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Meadow Brook

Sunnylady 17 Apr 2021

A4/Letter size painting. Did not follow along with video, just looked at original and went on my own. Stream grew into river on its own.
It is painted on panel, which was used as test piece for sails in the other painting before.

Working with it was very liquid as I applied too much retouch varnish and did not wipe enough of it. Very liquid paints and very soft synthetic brushes were used to control paint application. One old synthetic brush which is almost destroyed works very well for tap-tap bushes. I decided to put bare tree. I thought that big trees obscure the view.

Clouds direction on Bob version and distant mountains were the biggest inspiration to give it a try.

Oil on panel.

Featured Article Distance in the painting


Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

You got great distance created on such small canvas size. I am happy you tried your own way, makes all creations richer.
The view is indeed not obstructed, only some shy bushes and trees, sparsely spread!

Rather intimate this one, don't you think?

This is nothing at all like the original is it, it is so much more real. I love the way you have created those distant mountains. And thank you for the article on value, you explain it well, it is very helpful, much appreciated.

@Voy - thank a lot. I did not think about the general feel of it. I thought that bushes look rather how hay stacks. Probably too much thinking about Claude Monet before this one :) I was inspired by the Bobs painting but thought that I could add more depth and I am very happy I tried.

@TheLandscapePainter - thanks a lot for your feedback. I tried to create more realistic look. I did mix of phtalo blue+ultramarine+touch of umber+titanium white. To make mountains I reduced amount of white and increased amount of brown in it as I progressed closer. I am glad that my article gave you a piece of information!

Beautiful color choices in this. You’ve captured the distance wonderfully with the very realistic looking mountains, clouds and river.

Thank you sunny. I have a beautiful oil painting by Pierre Delcour set in the swiss alps which I would love to try but I never had the courage to go ahead as I knew I couldn't get the distance. I have a better understand of it now thanks to you, so I will definitely try it soon.

@ForestVue - thank you so very much for your kind feedback!

@TLP - glad I was helpful.

@TLP - if you can cover that painting you love with transparent plastic film and when you work on the colors you can test the match on that film and see it works or not through that film.

Sunny thank you so much. That is such a brilliant idea. I don't think it will work on this painting because it is in really bad condition and damaged and really needs restoring, the colours are not right but I think I know what the colours should be so I will just go for it.

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