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Evening at Sunset

Tirthurin 02 Jun 2019
Evening at Sunset

3rd CRI-led class in 10/2018. I had so much fun painting the sky, the water, the tree on the left side and the meadow on the right. The cabin, again, didn't want to cooperate. I got so unhappy, I scraped it off an redid it. Sacrilege, I know, but I got so close to crying thinking I had ruined the whole painting...


I really like the sky in this one! Good job!

Awesome!!!!!! Really nice work. How did you do the sky/reflctions - colors??


Love the colors! I've scraped off paint and re-painted, too! Smart move!

Everything beautiful....been there with the scraping off paint...and feeling defeated 😕

I've scraped off entire mountain ranges (multiple times), nothing wrong with that. I think this one is quite nice. Good job!

Beautiful blending! Interesting skies are what made me want to learn how to paint.

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