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Long Island, NY
Member for 1 year

I don't consider myself an artist. I don't draw or do much creatively... that being said, two years ago I purchased a cheap starter set of oil paints (6 colors), a small canvas, some plastic bristle brushes and a tabletop easel. Following along on my cell phone, I painted "Island in the Wilderness".

I had so much fun that I couldn't wait to try again and again...

Fast forward to today, June 2019. I have 19 paintings under my belt including 3 originals. I haven't shared them all here because quite honestly, I find some of the early ones cringe worthy.

But, every single time I paint, I have JOY. It has only taken me 52 years to find this. Haha!

I hope you enjoy them and your comments are welcomed. Keep painting, my new friends. Bob would have loved this.

I wish there was a message board here where we could chat with each other!

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