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Blue Winter

Tirthurin 02 Jun 2019
Blue Winter

4th class - I'm really happy how my mountains turned out. The instructor suggested (as she actually did in the previous class I took (motive evening at sunset) that it might be easier for me as a left-handed person, to try and mirror the picture, since others seem to have found that easier(?). I didn't want that, though, an am happy with the final result, even though I now have a scratch through one of the peaks, since it was an awfully windy day, and the painting collided with the passenger door when i had to transport it home after class ;_; (my father told me that I only notice the scratch because I know it is there, and he complimentd me that my mountains look realistic - that made me so happy, it's my favorite painting at the moment ^_^) ps: i took the photo in the classroom, so no scratch there, fortunately


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