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The Footbridge

flippergirlpaints 10 Aug 2021

This one was fairly simple. I still struggle with those darned bushes, though! I have tried many tips suggested on this site and others but they always looked like furry blobs. I can not seems to get that defined crisp looking bush. These were made with an oval brush fyi.



Whatever the bushes lack in detail is made up 100 fold by the details in those trees. So beautifully done!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Thanks so much Linzee.

Are you putting down some dark paint before gently applying the highlights to the dark bushes (just like you did with those great pines)?

I'm certainly no expert, but when I started adding the dark background before dropping in the bush highlights, the bushes started looking better, deeper, more depth to them.

The only other thing I can suggest is to devote a whole canvas to nothing but making small bushes. Try everything under the sun until you're happy with the results. Just like batting practice, or hitting a bucket of golf balls at the range. Practice a single skill. I did that with mountains (paint one, scrape it off, paint another) and I finally got to a point where I was making some decent-looking mountains.

Now, with all that have a VERY nice painting here, including the bushes. Love the sky. I'm liking those orangish/yellowish/reddish skies more and more these days.


flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Thank you Alex. You are right - I think I am going to take an old canvas and spend some practice time.

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Great work on the birch trees along with the bridge, On the bushes definitely need a dark color first. With your highlight color put a lot in the brush and tap lightly. I really like the round brushes for making bushes.

Like the colors and peace coming from this picture. Maybe some little details could be better, but that's always the case ... I think the end result is great!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Thanks Matt and Bob. I will try a little dark behind the bushes before highlight in the next one. Always learning.

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