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Mountain Moonlight Oval

Sunnylady 19 Sep 2021

One more quick painting. Only took 1h 20min. Gouache. Small size. On watercolor paper. This was a challenge to make a night scene and mute colors. Since my white is zinc white it is not a sufficient covering capacity and it gave me a proper fight :)



flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Very nice and I agree with Tom - great trees (both background and foreground) This medium suits you well :)

This is so nice bLove the evergreen on the left. Night sky and clouds look really good. Can really feel depth.

Lovely! I love the overall feel but I especially like the barren tree on the right: incredible three-dimensional effects. I’ve never used gouache but have enjoyed using watercolor a lot recently. I like watercolor but I’ve been intrigued by the greater opacity options that gouache can offer. This painting has definitely inspired me to try it soon!

This is my favorite version of that painting I’ve seen. Very, very beautiful! I wish I could paint like you!

@Tom - thank you! Gouache is local Russian brand that is made for pupils and students Nothing fancy at all. Brushes are synthetic and quite soft. Three sizes 10 mm, 5 mm and script liner.

@Flippergirl, @LJM - thank you very much for your kind words and support.

@mbbrickner - try it, i love that is easy to clean and you can build on layers of thick paint fully redoing the painting if needed. For example, in this one i made mountains and two lines of forest like in BR version, i realized i messed up values way too much and fully repainted on top of it with my new mountains and new forest (single line though). Surprisingly I have to use quite a lot of black with gouache when with oils I never use pure black from the tube and mix my black myself. Make sure with gouache paints you have two whites zink and titanium. They will expand application a bit as every time you will need to add it for flexibility to your paint mixture. Also buy a lot of white as it goes quick.

@ShadowscarsDragon - thank you for your kind words. I am super happy you like it.

This is really helpful! I’m looking forward to trying it.

Lovely work. Great to see a different approach to BR paintings. Inspiring and definitely will try Gouache. Thanks for sharing!

@rah- Thank you. Try it. It is an interesting media to harness.

@guna - thank you very much! This is my best tree in gouache so far! I am super happy you love it too!

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