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Gray Mountain

Kati 22 Nov 2021

I’ve always used acrylics and bought a cheap set of oil paints today. The sky was super fun and blended easily into the liquid white, but with each additional layer, I felt like the liquid white dulled the colors? And I couldn’t get the highlights on the mountain, trees, and bushes bright enough. The lighter colors kind of disappeared into the darker background. I followed Bob pretty closely, but should I let the paint dry in between layers? Once the sky was blended I didn’t really feel a need for wet-on-wet. Any advice or links to tutorials is much appreciated!



Bob's tutorials should be all you need Kati. Your paints might be a bit soft, you need a really firm paint for this technique, or you might have too much liquid white on. With each layer you add it becomes wetter and wetter until your top layer doesn't show. I think that's what you are describing. If you see any excess oil in your paint as it comes out of the tube don't mix it in, allow it to run on your palette and wipe it away before you start painting. We have all been through this, it's worth persevering to find out the cause and work around it. Try applying a little less paint, try to think of it as damp on damp instead of wet on wet. I hope that helps. It also takes practice to get it like baby bear's porridge, just right. I really like your trees.

Kati sometimes I do mine in sections so I can stop and when I come back to it I apply the liquid white in the next section.

Kati if this is your first oil…….bravo!!!!

You can try to go opposite of Bobs technique if your paint is too soft. I guess you have soft synthetic brushes from acrylic practice.

What I will say works only for highlights, but you need to finish all the painting without applying highlights. Keep them to the last moment.
Make a highlight color on your pallet and add paint thinner to it so it is like butter that was left on the table for few hours. Very creamy.
Apply on the top of the dark color with very GENTLE touch of your SOFT synthetic brush.

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