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Original Creation

Owachomo bridge starry night

Jin7 19 Feb 2020

I think that this must be true purple splender too.
Owachomo bridge starry night


Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Impressive! What technique did you use for that detailed foliage?

Thank you very muchfor your comment.
I used blackgesso,liquid clear ,TW,PHB,PRB,MB,DS,VB,AC.IY(little).YO.BR
1nch brush fanbrush,scpiptlinerbrush.and knives.
Nothing special.


Wonderful painting!

That's amazing how you got these stunning purples with this set of colors! I thought purple is out of the tube!

Thank you Jin, but I think you are unfair to yourself. This is beautiful painting! the mood here is way different, your painting is more artistic and attracting rather than mine which is just copy of the photo in a big scheme.

Dear Sunnylady
I refered to the photos, so I think my work is the same as yours.
Neither you nor I uploaded photos.
we uploaded what we thought and painted.
I have never been to the United States (except Hawaii) and have never been to Switzerland or Pakistan.
In fact, when drawing landscapes, going there is the best way, but it is difficult. If you have to be so ,it will be a very restricted place.
By the way accoring to your article I guess you don't have Bob's paints.
If you do not have them, I think it is difficult to paint with this wet on wet technique, these paints are special and Bob himself explains it easily in the mountain summit S13E10 ( mountain highlight).
Please take a look at this episode.
And Sakharov paints quickly, but his paints may be similar to Bob's.
If so, it might be a good idea to use it.

Thanks Jin!
You are totally right about my paints. I use different brand. I used BR brand with my BR instructor but we did not attempt really difficult paintings in the class(I had only few paintings done overallat that time) , only after doing a lot of home work I feel good enough for challenge in the class. Only the problem I am miles away from my instructor now...

I think you have this talent of processing the picture and getting it through your perception and finalizing it as real artistic product. Mine is still at the stage of copying photo as close as possible.

I like to see your brush work and I wish I could see your paintings in person. You have this artistic power of converting reality into artistic creation. This is what I meant by saying that my works are only copy of the photo.
I think Bright red is a key for me to investigate what pigment it uses.

Regarding paints Saharov uses it is best Russian manufacturer as far as I know, I tried 3 colors and paints are more loaded with oil, than the brand I use. It makes handling those paints quite unusual for me. It will take time to get used to them if I have to fully migrate to that brand.

Dear Sunnylady
don't have much experience, but have passion.
if you can continue having passion ,It means you have talent and you will beyond me.
It is important to observe objects and practice .

Dear Sunnylady Thank you for your compliment.

But I think that your Milky Way is more beautiful than this.

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