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Original Creation

Grumpy Clownfish

Lilikins 17 Nov 2020

I saw this photo of a hilariously grumpy clownfish and knew I had to paint him for this event! The original fish is so much more sassy than the one I painted but I tried my best to capture his grumpy face. I guess the little guy didn’t care for the photographer invading his home.



I guess he cared very much and was very un-happy about intruder. I am sure he made it clear to the photographer to go away :)

Absolutely fantastic painting Lilikins! You rock!
Red coral is fantastic, anemone is super! But main character is even more he is A+++++!
They are one of my favorite fishes! Their cuteness s 200 out of 100 points!

Seeing those sea creatures always makes me think how on earth people may care less about oceans and dump the trash there or uncontrolled fishing? The key to our living on the planet is to keep oceans and seas full of healthy life!

I am often amazed by the ideas that people come up with to fit the criteria. Great insight by Felix whether he realised it or not he's made us think a little outside the box. This is a great painting Lilikins. Lovely colours and a brilliant illustration for a child's book if you don't mind me saying. "The lonely fish" - all the other fish avoid him because they think he's miserable but he insists he just has a sad face. Of course he will win them over for a happy ending.

Felix Creator of

Thanks TLP, making everone leave their comfort zone and think outside the box was the goal for these events :)

Felix, it's not easy. Hey, Bob gave me happy accidents and I intend to use them all, lol

Wow Lilikins! You have mesmerized me here. Every bit of this is so amazing. I really like all of the detail in the (sky?) upper bits of water with the bubbles and light streaming through. Really amazing work.

Wow thank you everyone! Clownfish are among my favorites too sunnylady. We all need to do a better job of caring for our world or else we are going to kill off everything that makes it beautiful.

Thank you so much for your kind words TLP! That would be an adorable children’s book :)

This painting was a lot of firsts for me - first underwater, fish, coral, and sea the entire painting! I love these events because I don’t know if I would have tried it otherwise - thank you Felix!

I’m so glad you like the light streaming through the water doggymommee. I think I’m going to have to try it again in another underwater painting. I struggled with making it look realistic and my husband was wondering why there were clouds underwater until I explained it to him 😂

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

boy is he..awesome job!!

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