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Water Works

For our second TwoInchBrush-Community-Event, it is time for us to get wet!

As you've probably already guessed Water Works is all about one of the earth's most important resources.

This time you can submit two types of paintings:

1. Paintings done only in watercolor

If you haven't yet worked with this medium now is the time to try it out! A beginner set of colors and paper can be bought for a relatively small price, and if you don't know what to get you'll be sure to find help in our forum!

2. Paintings in any medium featuring water as the central theme

If you can't get watercolors or don't want to paint with them for any other reason this is an alternative for you. Just use your normal paint and tools and create a painting around the theme of water.

There is one catch to keep it interesting: No standard landscape paintings featuring a body of water like a river, lake, or beach, allowed! You're still allowed to paint all of them, but they have to have an extremely strong focus on the waterbody.
If you're not sure if your painting would be accepted just submit it like you normally would and ask in the forum, we can always add it to the event afterward!

Event dates

Submissions are accepted from Nov 7, 2020 to Nov 22, 2020.
Voting continues until Nov 29, 2020.

About events

  • The three most voted submissions will be marked and their painters will receive an exlusive badge for their profiles.
  • The amount of votes stays hidden and will not be visible to anyone.
  • One submission per member and event.
  • Submission should be original creations by yourself, not recreations of an other painter's work.
  • You can vote for as many submissions as you want.
  • This is not a contest, don't take it too seriously and have fun! :)

Top Submissions

These three submission have received the most likes from our community. Well done!