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Original Creation

Cat in the rain

Madame Mouton 15 Nov 2020

I already wanted to paint this for a while. This is one of my 2 cats not so happy because of the bad weather and seeking shelter under the umbrella. I was enthusiastic to find out the challenge was a painting concerning water. So this is my painting for the competition. I am excited to find out if anybody likes my cat painting.



Well done, the active rain and the reflection shows your abilities and attentiveness well. Poor kitty!

I think it's lovely. The umbrella really does look wet through, and the kitty is super-cute.

lightsnow Community Helper

Lovely reflections!

Madame Mouton, this is absolutely beautiful. Umbrella is super, there is a bit of light through the textile there and wetness if it. Kitty seems unhappy as he got his paws wet. It tells a story!

This is stunning! I love your little kitty. The reflections and rain splatters are lovely. A triumph!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

super details!Love the unbrella.

Beautiful! I love the cat!

I am amazed by your attention to detail! I want to wrap the kitty in a warm blanket! Reflections are amazing! Glad I am not caught out in that storm.

LOVE this, just because I am so new to tis, could I ask is this painted in wet on wet in oils?

Hey toadi welcome! Under the artists description of the painting it will tell you what medium they painted in. There’s an option to select what was used when you post a painting. It looks like she used acrylics. I don’t blame you for thinking it was oil though - it can be challenging to make it look soft and not create harsh lines with acrylics but she did a fantastic job! I want to snuggle with that kitty so bad :)

me too Lilkins!! Thank you so much for answering my question. LOL, the acrylics was highlighted, I Iooked right past that, duh.

Congratulations, you are a worthy winner!

Thank you all for voting on my painting!! I am so HAPPY!!!

Well deserved win!

I adore this painting!!! Everything about it! The detail on kitty is superb...the whole thing captures my emotions and makes me want to run into the storm and save the kitty.

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