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Original Creation

Fall colors and rain

Sunnylady 27 Feb 2020

Inspired by Graham Gerken and done during online class with guidance of instructor. It is first one ever with pallet knife leaves on the trees and on the ground. This was a lot of fun!
Quite small canvas though 16 by 16 and 4 hours of work.

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Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Waw, honest is honest, my first thought (and from a distance) was that MHK had uploaded a creation again but it is yours. That ijust a great painting! Such incredible depth created by the mist, background trees and the distant colouring. The leaves are just crazy, never thought you could do this with a pallet knife although I am thinking here at the big ones that I use, I guess you used smaller sizes. Gorgeous painting Sunnylady!!

Voy, thank you very much for the honesty and for your support! I was trying to attempt something like this couple of times but every time I was getting a mess and was unhappy with the outcome. I think this one is not bad at all. My brain allowed me to switch critical thinking off while I was painting and it turned back when I was finishing.

I used quite big knife for this as I simply did not have the one instructor used (

I just had to use it with more care. And pallet knife I used was diamond shape (not BR knife) with rounded edge approximately 5-7 cm in length.

Also to add initial shape on the tree was made with 1 inch brush and then only with the pallet knife.

Also what I learn in this one that LED bulbs I have with 4100K did make trick on me as I was painting from 9PM till midnight and today when I came to continue the background turned to be way lighter then it was yesterday. Lesson learnt: daylight is a must or light bulb as they say with 5500 K ( I have not tried yet myself but surely will do when will reorganize my studio).

Misty background and color of the leaves are very beautiful.

Tom0779 Multi-Medium-Talent

I like it. The misty background and the feeling of dept are very well done!

Jin7, Tom 0779 thank you. I tried two new colors: cadmium red light and cobalt blue medium. Cadmium red light brought this brightness to the leaves. I did not understand cobalt blue yet, this is gentle color when mixed with white. Could be very good for winter scenes I guess.

lightsnow Community Helper

Fantastic! There's a definite Afremov vibe going in this painting, particularly due to the knife foliage shapes. My wife bought a dozen or so of his paintings many years ago and they are hanging all over our house, so I see them every day. Really wonderful painting! I really enjoyed the misty effect and the overall sense of distance. This looks like a really peaceful scene for a walk, day break in early October, walking out on the farm, sweater on, coffee mug in hand.

Lightsnow, thank you. Special thank you about telling where your mind takes you by looking at this painting!
I had to google who Leonid Afremov is and about his art. I certainly saw it but I did not know the name. I appreciate the comparison but I am certainly light years far from him in my art. His paintings are full of energy and colors are so bright and combination of them is just a blast.

I have feeling that it is this misty rain there. May be 9-10 am. No sun can get through the clouds. And leaves give this amazing autumn smell and face feels that mist. But you are warm in a cozy jacket and enjoy these last colors before everything become gray and then white.

bob_ross_watercolors Watercolor Virtuoso

Love the colors and the mood, cheerful but not at all saccharine. I would love to hang this on my wall!!!

Bob_ross_watercolors thank you very much! It is so amazing that people looking at the same painting get different moods and feelings! Let's talk when I come back to USA as I surely want to paint similar technique and similar painting again.

MHK Helpful Friendly User

Wow do I love the way you did this. Very nice!!!!!! My favorite is the leaves on the ground, very well done. I just did one similar but you nailed it

MHK thank you very much! The ground part is where I had most of the fun! There is very thick layer of the paint there it was very interesting to solve how to add new color and preserve the darks.

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