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Original Creation

Make art, not war!

Voy Kay 21 May 2022

Just in time before the event closes, that Felix already had postponed upon my request several weeks ago. Why?
Since over three months, I suffer from a severe arm injury, my dominant arm that is. Ointments and medication poorly helped, rest was the best cure for it. So with lots of garden work to do, including sawing and planting in grocery garden and greenhouse, I decided to drop painting and renovating the house for a long while.
The arm is more or less okay these days, provided I don't stress it too much. Even 10 minutes of typing can hurt like hell!

I painted something similar before, called fantasy crossing, and decided to repaint it with a simple message added in a flower heart. As you can notice, I carefuly chose the colouring!

Canvas used was a budget canvasboard 6"x8" and was painted in some 45 minutes.

I hope you can enjoy the message behind it and share your vote for it!

Till next one!!

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Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Yooooo V! U artzy boy u!!!Love it!

Real Bridge of Peace!

I was wondering where you went Voy. Thanks for the update and your painting’s message! Get better soon.

Felix Creator of

Great to hear from you! Great painting, and take care of yourself 😊

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Great to hear from you Pietro! Not my best work and I had to rush it but I'm so grateful you like it!

Till soon!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Colin! Thank you!

Not sure if it's suitable but you are free to make use of this creation!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

I've gone to rough times (again!) Brian.
It was hard to make a choice but had to drop painting and renovating to take care of food for my family!
I hope to be in the saddly again sometime this summer!

Voy Kay Conqueror of Challenges

Thanks for those comforting words Felix! And also thanks for postponing the due date for this event.
Slowly but surely, the arm will get better!

Voy, glad you are back. All the best in healing your arm to the full recovery. Don’t stress to type a long response - just click the heart and I will know you have read.

Voy I hope you feel better soon! Like your originality and its message! Couldn’t agree more :)

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