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Original Creation

Chickamauga Tunnel

Wayne Coley Art 20 Oct 2022

An elegant steam engine exits the Civil War era Missionary Ridge Tunnel on it's trip to Chattanooga Tennessee. This painting measures 24 x 18 and began as a black gessoed canvas. which lends well to deep forest shadows. I find that highlights just seem brighter on a black canvas.
After a thin coating of Bob Ross Liquid Clear I mixed Sap Green with a touch of Alizarin Crimson. I applied a thin coat of this mixture to the top and sides. Then using a touch of Burnt Sienna I added it to the general area of the dirt on the left and right.
Working in layers I began detailing the trees, tunnel wall, railroad tracks and of course the train.
The one area that concerned me was painting the steam around and above the train. Using Bob's cloud method made rendering the steam one of the easiest parts of the painting.



Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

nice choo itt!

I agree with Tom! Amazing work!

How long did this take you to paint? I love all the details. Every time I look at it I find something else to appreciate.

This is fantastic! The stone masonry is beautiful, the track bedding aggregate, the foliage and train are incredible and you must have a very steady hand. Absolutely wonderful!

wow, this is even better than a photograph! Very professional. One question, when doing the steam over top of the brick and foliage, how did you deal with the layer of paint underneath and manage to blend the edges of the cloud without disturbing the surroundings? If it was dry underneath, did you reapply liquid clear first? Also kudos on the excellent photo of your work.

Wayne Coley Art Bob Ross Certified Instructor

Thanks everyone for the nice compliments.
Lilikins, in total it took about 12 hours to complete this painting. As mentioned, I painted in layers and allowed the painting to dry before the next layer. Using Bea Cox's Wildlife Glazing method I then applied glazing medium for the next step. When satisfied I again allowed it to dry. More glazing medium, more layers, etc.

Wayne Coley Art Bob Ross Certified Instructor

As outlined above, I allowed the underlying layers to dry completely before working in the steam. I used Bob's Liquid Clear just in the areas for the steam. This allowed me to blend the edges into the background without "muddying" the colors. Thank you.

Oh wow it’s taken me way way longer to complete something 1/4 this size and way less detailed. I figured this would have taken so much longer! That’s amazing

Thank YOU for your detailed responses Wayne. Uploading of a work of this caliber has sent us in to an information feeding frenzy, and I appreciate your patience.

That is some precise detailed work, from the shine of the metal to the texture of the masonry grout to the rock and gravel detail. did you wait until it tacked up to apply the steam or did you use another technique?

Simply amazing and so realistic! Superb work and a great talent!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Another amazing work! I do admire your paintings; thank you for sharing. I remember you said you sometimes incorporate the year you were born into your paintings. 1858 WOW. 🤣 Just kidding, I see it on the train.

Wayne Coley Art Bob Ross Certified Instructor

I allowed the masonry, rock wall and background trees to dry. Then I applied just a touch of Liquid Clear in the areas where I wanted the steam. I treated the steam as if they were clouds in Bob's sky. I also used my finger to smudge the outside edges just a little.
Thanks for you nice comments.

WOW, what a beautiful and amazing painting to compliment you other paintings. So detailed, precise and photo-realistic. So well painted. Such an absolute joy to view them. Cheers.

Wayne Coley Art Bob Ross Certified Instructor

Flippergirlpaints -
I do try to include the year that I was born in my paintings. Thank you for remembering. 😊

Shucks!......puts my "scenic journey" to shame, great job my friend!

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