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Original Creation

Hidden Birches - Kevin Hill

indicationofart 03 Aug 2023

This is my first Kevin Hill tutorial. He sure does things differently than Bob, Bill, Buck, and all the others. There are areas I messed up and just couldn't recover to my satisfaction, but, all things considered it's not too bad.



This is gorgeous! Good job

Thank you Cold.

Really gorgeous job! Love it!

Where did you mess up??!!! Looks a-mazingπŸ˜ƒ

Thanks Blondie.

Thanks Laura. None of the foreground birches are quite right.

I like the tree leaves ! Super!

Good Morning from germany,Tomi. Great Version πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Thanks Brian.

Thank you Dirk.

Very nice painting!

Super work Tomi!!! You have def surpassed yourself with this compo of KH! It’s still looks like you painted it but with some major improvements! I know how we feel doing a first tutorial from him. We feel like we are relearning painting all over again! Very destabilizing. But it pays off big at the end. I have more from him that you can do. Let me know. You have to to more from Kev. Your skills will explode crazy! πŸ˜€

Thanks Jos.

Thanks Nancy. Definitely different, but, I really like his tree technique. I have another .pdf from him to do then I may reach out for others.

Lovin this.... Kevin is great isn't he?


Thanks Tel. He is great.

I like how gentle the scene is. awesome gentle birches!

This is so good! Kevin's tutorials have been the perfect 'next-step' after working with Bob, for me. It is fun to watch your progression. It is inspiring me to try buying one of Kevin's tutes instead of attempting with his youtube videos.

Taking another look at this. This really is your best work. Keep it up and congrats!

very nice Tomi!

Thank you Sunny.

Thanks Jeff. Email me at and I'll share this one with you.

Thanks Tony.

Tomi, your painting looks really great, well done, cheers

Yeah very nice too. As I said above, the paintings of Kevin suit your style very much.

Thanks Tom again.

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