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Emerald Waters

dracula 14 Jul 2019

This was my second black canvas. I think the limited palette makes this painting more mysterious. Also seemed like a good opportunity to list the fan brush slide around and make some "swamp grass."


I absolutely love this! One of my favorite paintings of Bob’s. And you captured it so well! Your reflections are outstanding!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you kindly! I was really drawn to it too when I first saw the episode. There's something special about this composition methinks.

I love your textures, so dreamy gorgeous <3

TalentZero Challenger

This is excellent. You captured so many different shades of green.

Dracula i love all your paintings,keep going.

Wow. The depth, colors and reflections are great. I hope when I do this one it looks half as good as yours. Nice job.

dracula Power Painter

@toddmelinda: Thank you. This is a fun one to paint; I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Emerald Waters is the one that inspired me to start painting, it's so pretty. I had a go on the back of an old canvas which I now know had too much tooth in it, so it wasn't a great success. I decided I would try it again when I've had a bit more experience, so it's on my to do list. Great job Dracula as always.

dracula Power Painter

@TheLandscapePainter - Thank you. I really enjoy this painting as well. I also think this is about the time I started to get a bit more of a handle on things and felt more joy than frustration in painting these landscapes.

Yes I know that feeling. Mine was when I painted Waterfall In The Woods. I love your version of Emerald Waters. I found that painting with such a limited pallet made it difficult to achieve definition between the layers of background midground and foreground. Mine looked like a green mud collage, whereas you've nailed it with a clever use of highlights. I will do it again and if I was a gambling woman I would put £10 on me having to introduce another colour to achieve definition between the layers. I don't get on well with the fan brush either so it's a challenge.

I really like your painting style, It has really nice detail.
Do you add the final details after the paint has dried?

dracula Power Painter

@Buschleague Thank you very much, I appreciate you saying so. I do all of my Bob Ross paintings in one session wet-on-wet. To be honest, it's not the way I would usually work, but it's good exercise and stretches my capabilities. I imagine I could improve some of my Bob Ross paintings by going in later for a detail pass, but thus far I haven't done so.

This should be an illustration in a book: the painting makes me want to enter into a story in this place. You have such a knack for making fine details pop, while using more muted techniques for depth. I'm really entranced with the large tree trunk and the variation of reflections in this one. Thanks for sharing!

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