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Emerald Waters

dracula 14 Jul 2019
Emerald Waters

This was my second black canvas. I think the limited palette makes this painting more mysterious. Also seemed like a good opportunity to list the fan brush slide around and make some "swamp grass."


I absolutely love this! One of my favorite paintings of Bob’s. And you captured it so well! Your reflections are outstanding!

dracula Power Painter

Thank you kindly! I was really drawn to it too when I first saw the episode. There's something special about this composition methinks.

I love your textures, so dreamy gorgeous <3

TalentZero Challenger

This is excellent. You captured so many different shades of green.

Dracula i love all your paintings,keep going.

Wow. The depth, colors and reflections are great. I hope when I do this one it looks half as good as yours. Nice job.

dracula Power Painter

@toddmelinda: Thank you. This is a fun one to paint; I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Emerald Waters is the one that inspired me to start painting, it's so pretty. I had a go on the back of an old canvas which I now know had too much tooth in it, so it wasn't a great success. I decided I would try it again when I've had a bit more experience, so it's on my to do list. Great job Dracula as always.

dracula Power Painter

@TheLandscapePainter - Thank you. I really enjoy this painting as well. I also think this is about the time I started to get a bit more of a handle on things and felt more joy than frustration in painting these landscapes.

Yes I know that feeling. Mine was when I painted Waterfall In The Woods. I love your version of Emerald Waters. I found that painting with such a limited pallet made it difficult to achieve definition between the layers of background midground and foreground. Mine looked like a green mud collage, whereas you've nailed it with a clever use of highlights. I will do it again and if I was a gambling woman I would put £10 on me having to introduce another colour to achieve definition between the layers. I don't get on well with the fan brush either so it's a challenge.

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