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Distant Mountains

Ninoum 28 Oct 2022

I already uploaded this one as an “Original”. Just didn’t know how to upload it as a Bob Ross recreation painting. Here it is! 😊

BTW… this was my very 1st Bob Ross painting and very 1st painting ever. His technique truly works!



Tbh when you posted this one (only 3 months ago) it was hard to believe that you never painted before Nancy. I see what you have produced since then and know that you are very talented and diligent in painting as in your other pursuits. Lovely job.

Thank you so much B! My heart is all swelled up with happiness right now!

I always was quite gifted in arts and music. It’s also very easy for me to learn fast when I truly love something.

I pay attention to every details when Bob paints… the angle he hold his knife, the distance from the center of the canvas that he starts his mountain at, the way he puts paint on his brush, how much paint he puts on the brush, etc. I will rewind 20 times a certain part of the video to get it just like he does (my husband gets irritated sometimes! lol!), I watch the video of the painting I will do at least once if not twice and start noticing little gems. I watch tutorials of Certify Ross Instructors to pick up so tips and tricks. I also get some from our forum. And now, I will start doing more tutorials from other great artists to expand my learning journey. I am just really hungry for it!

Thank you again for seeing me for who I am! I will post very soon a link with bunches of timelapse videos of me painting some of the different paintings I have done.

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