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Woodgrain View

mc 13 Jan 2023

I bought a bunch of long/skinny 10”x20” canvases and hadn’t thought of a way to use them yet… then along came Woodgrain View with a tall skinny middle painting… perfect! So for a quick and dirty painting, I did just the middle bit.

I was fighting with my fan brushes the whole time and I redid the tree trunk (first pass was even worse).

I do feel like I’m slowly making progress on not over-blending my clouds though, so that’s a bonus!

Although plagued with dissatisfaction, really glad I gave a different aspect ratio a shot!



The colors really make this pop!!! Personally I'm a big fan of that upward draft that caused that little wisp in the upper left cloud.

Nice job - I like those 10x20 canvases.

REALLY NICE MC., consider colour to the foreground trees on the left and graduate as they get further away, it would really make it pop

@BrianPatrick thanks! I always try to get some of those whispy updrafts in my clouds (really love that circular brushstroke effect) but I tend to over-blend them. Something I’m actively working on, more distinct clouds

@tel - thanks for the suggestion! Just to make sure I follow, are you suggesting adding highlight color to the foreground trees on the left, and decreasing the contrast/detail in the further back layers?

Normally I do more of that kind of distinction in my layers as they come closer, this one I was trying to intentionally be more “minimalist” to experiment with quicker paintings and less detail to see how it works. I almost skipped the closeup tree in the right, but decided it was TOO minimalist and really needed that touch.

The results of that experiment were mixed in my mind, but fun and a learning experience nonetheless.

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