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The Old Home Place

Ninoum 23 Jan 2023

I felt in love with the little house from the book. So this was my project of the day!

Not a lot of people painted this one overall. 😔

Just a cute and fun one to espace in Bob’s world.



Very nice Nancy. Especially I am impressed how well your buildings look recently.

Nice sky and hills and an amazing fence!

Good Morning from Germany , Nancy . In the Last 8 months , when i start painting, i saw so many Great paintings and also many many bad once . I think about my own First trees , Mountains and they were real Horror 👀every great painting brightens my day and so do yours today . Great work 😎

Thank you so much Tom! I spend a little more time on them so I can have the "close to perfect" outcome! I also pay attention to all the angles to get that perspective right. If you look at the roof (the one side we see), the right eave side, the one closest to us is longer that the back right one. Bob have that happening a lot in his cabin paintings. Small detail that can totally throw your cabin/building off if not there.

Thank you so much Jos!

AWWWWW! That makes my day Dirk! Thank you so much! And "Bonjour" to you as well from warm FL!! 🌴☀️

Nancy, questione, does the book have additional value, because in the turorial Bobs explains all steps he is doing?

If you are familiar with Bob’s technique and tutorials, you can do it from the book. If not, you might be a little confused at time. But what I like are the little black & white illustrations that show you and explain the “step-by-step” process. Most of the time, the painting of the book (which is in color and big) looks better than the video one. It also has more details. I have attached above the main picture and tutorial of “The old home place” from the book.

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Nice job Nancy

Thx Matt ☺️!

Ah thank you Nancy, very pleased with your copies and examples of the book.

Anytime Jos! 😊

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Great job on this one Nancy! I also always liked that cute house (different from Bob's other ones)

Thank you Pam! Agree… very different than his others. That’s why I wanted to paint it.

Really well done. I’d move into that house in a heartbeat!

Thank you Matt! Oh likewise!!! 😃

The house really completes this one N!

Thank you so much B!! The book version is what I went by. The book picture is above under my painting.

I like yours better than the book version.

Awww!! ☺️ That’s means a lot B! Thank you!!

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