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Forest River

Tom0779 25 Jan 2023

For this episode some preparation with gesso is needed. Now after having finished this episode I ask myself why the devil I made myself so much work with the background trees πŸ˜€ (see second photo)
I think I could have saved some time here, LOL.
My opinion about this episode:
Rather a dark one which needs a lighter place on the wall to be effective.
Bob did a lot of similar scenarios like this in the later series. They are all pretty straight forward without big secrets. Most important for these scenes is to use as less liquid clear as possible. Other than that I would really recommend to varnish these scenes after sufficient drying time. This is because also oils darken after some time and the varnish brings it back to more contrast.
I went a bit crazy in making those stones with the filbert, this works so well and I had to calm myself down to not overdo.
This is oils on canvas panel 20 x 28 in (50 x 70 cm)



Guten Morgen Tom. Die Vorarbeiten haben sich total gelohnt . Absolutly amazing. The background light looks Great 😎

Guten Morgen Dirk. Und vielen Dank :) Many thanks Dirk!


Thank you Sandy!

Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Nice Tom!

Many thanks Matt!

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Very pretty, great job on this! The prep work is a lot, but I definitely do not feel that your efforts were in vain. I can still see a lot going on through the titanium white here, so it is not lost.

Thanks πŸ™ Pam. Well Bob would say: we know it is there, even we can’t see everything.

I like all the work you put into this one and I don’t think you did too many rocks.

Thank you very much Rucifi. Regarding the rocks I think I stopped right on time. This works so well you can get carried away.

Not to dark, in fact I think it's a little light than I'd do 🀣🀣 Really interesting painting and one I'll try one day soon, the underpainting in gesso add a lot of value to the final piece, did you use white gesso for the lighter trees or a white acrylic? Love the big tree on the right, those branches are so real and so is the bark. Great job Tom πŸŽ¨πŸ‘

Thank you very much Nivek. Indeed I think an episode which really fits your style.
To answer your question, yes I used gesso only. Black, white and a mixture of both which is gray. Behind the white tree trunks I made a few gray ones.

Wonderful painting and the foreground trees are excellent!

Thank you very much for your support Brian!

Your gesso trees are great. I don't think there are too much. I get your point tho but it makes it more like a real forest this way.

Once again... GORGEOUS! I really love your grassy areas. More real that what Bob has us do in that episode.

Thanks for your feedback Nancy. To paint grass with oils was one of the things I labored over and over. I feel Bob makes them to regular. Especially when he is using the big brushes. I always try to make it a bit more chaotic. I think it has more realism then.
I find making grass with the fan brush works best for me. But this is only suitable for small areas in the very foreground. For background it looks to rough and detailed. For big areas it is quite slow.

Thank you so much for sharing your grass tip. I use the fan brush a little for grassy areas. I really want to get your effect tho. Do you still use the big brush for bigger areas and then modify them with the fan brush?

You are welcome Nancy. I used the 1 inch brush as far as I can remember. I did not modify it with the fam brush. I try not to hold the brush always in the same angle to create different shapes in the grass.

This looks really good, just like Bob's or even better, great job

Thank you Robin!

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