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Waterfall in the Woods

Tom0779 31 Jan 2023

I have seen Marc (Hammipaints) has posted this a few moments ago. I just wanted to post mine next to him to compare my acrylics version with his.
Obviously he has much more experience with them as I have. I just want to see and learn.
I painted this in 2022 where I only did 8 acrylics paintings. 4 of them at January. I don’t have an equipment for them only used brushes my kids have in school.
This is acrylics on canvas panel 12 x 16 in (30 x 40 cm)



Mgiese84 Cleanest Technique In The Game

Nice. I almost want to post my oil version again so you can see them all in a row

In Acryl , absolutly Great Tom 😎

Thank you Matt. I think it is interesting to compare different approaches to the same episode, here I wanted this really because both versions have been painted with acrylics. A good way for me to see how an experienced acrylics painter approached this.

Thanks Dirk for your continued support!

Kein Ding ich freue mich ΓΌber tolle Arbeiten . Deine sind weit vorne . Thanks for youres !!!πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ

This is gorgeous Tom! Awesome that it's done in acrylics!

Many thanks Sandy! πŸ˜€

Danke Dirk!πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ

This is really nice! You achieved a way better depth in the background than I did! I feel your mist is better too. I think this is really well done, especially considering you only had limited tools at your disposal.
Gotta say I feel kind of honored to be called an "experienced" acrylics painter haha 😁

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

great scene TOM!

Thanks Marc, I have seen your paintings. They are all great with so much details. You seem to know how to use them and also use some additional. I only use acrylics and water :P Here I was too lazy to make more I guess. THe foliage on my trees isn't great, also the reflections have room for improvement.
But I decided to primary use oils last year. Nevertheless the most paintings I made was in watercolors :D

Many thanks P!

So beautiful Tom! The colors are so vibrant! This is one of my fav of Bob's..

How much harder was it with acrylics?

Thank you Nancy. I think the classical acrylics I know (I am not an expert with this medium) are very different to oils. They dry extremely fast which makes e.g. Sky areas or flowing elements like water more difficult. On the other hand put on layers is very easy and fast. >With oils you need to thin them down or even let it dry for several days.

But I think for all acrylic questions Hammipaints is the best one to ask :)

I see! So both have their plus and minuses. I'll def pick his brain a little.

Do you know if there is a medium that can be apply to create more a wet-on-wet similar to oils and slow down the drying process of the acrylic paint? Or is it a Marc question? πŸ™ƒ

Valid question Nancy. The same question I asked Hammipaints already. It seems there is a special brand which sells slow drying acrylic paints called 'Golden Open Acrylics'. I never heard of this brand before. But according to Marc they work perfectly.

To me there is an other disadvantage from acrylics. In my opinion they tend to darken a lot when they dry. But maybe good quality paint doesn't . I am not sure ;)

Hey Nancy!
Subscribing to everything Tom says. It's true they darken while drying and better quality paints reduce this. You could also try to just paint brighter but I never bothered fiddling around with that.

Golden Open Acrylics sure are my "secret ingredient". They are expensive but in my opinion worth it. I I use a liquid white equivalent I learned from "Wild Creates" on youtube. 50% golden open titanium white, 40% golden retarder and 10% golden open thinner. This formula I also apply with other colors for the first layer of black canvas paintings.
I also use open paints for everything that needs blending and standard acrylics for everything that may be allowed to dry.

Of course you don't reach the drying times of oils but it's enough to finish a painting in this style.
So that's my approach broken down in a few sentences πŸ˜„

Thanks Marc, now I learned really something new. Perfect. I might give them a try as I could paint with them in the house and not in the garage like with oils. Currently no fun with these temperatures, LOL

Really glad I could help! If you actually try it and want to use natural brushes: The Masters brush cleaner works really nice as a cleaner and preserver. Also a thing thats expensive but worth it. You can then tighlty wrap the brushes in paper towels and hang them upside down so the bristles don't fray. I've been doing that with my BR brushes for over a year now and have yet to encounter problems.

Liquitex Slow drying Medium for acrylics ? Suddenly it Works , just an idea πŸ‘€

Great information got here. Thanks guys!πŸ˜€

Wow!!! I just learned a whole new spectrum of info about acrylics! I am taking a screenshot of this convo so when/if I decide to jump ship time ma to times w/acrylics, I will be ready for action and less frustrations! Thanks a millions Marc and Tom!!! Mega hug coming your way!! πŸ€—

Oh! Just saw Dirk’s Liquitex slow drying medium for acrylics… Marc, any experience with it?

You're welcome!

No experience with liquitex slow drying medium though. I heard that it's good but does not amount to the same drying times as my beforementioned strategy. In my experience I'd explain this as follows:
1) Golden open acrylics are in themselves designed to stay wet for a long time.
2) Acrylic mediums of certain brands are usually designed to work best with the same brand
3) Hence using Open Acrylics in combination with golden open mediums should amount to the longest acrylic drying times I know of

Combining Open Acrylics with Liquitex retarder will most probably still elongate drying time but not as much as when using Golden Products. Though this is my own speculation since I do not have experience in this case.

Using liquitex retarder will of course stretch drying times of usual acrylics (probably better working with liquitex acrylics, see point 2) but you will not reach the long drying times of the Golden Open+Golden Retarder+Open Thinner formula

Sorry, went a bit overboard with my answer but now that it's typed we might as well go with the bonus information :D

This is grrrrrrreat additional info Marc. Again, screenshooting your message. May I suggest you do an article on this? Lots of people would def benefit from this. Just an idea.  😊

i was thinking about writing one, yes! I was unsure but our conversations over the last days pushed me towards doing it! Just have to take myself the time to do so :)

Thanks for all the great information left here. I really appreciate it!

Hey people! Just wanted to let you all know I finished and published that article Nancy suggested and I said I'd write!
Would be so glad if you checked it out! Not that short of a read though, got quite extensive with >17000 characters πŸ˜„

Thanks a lot Marc. I can't wait to read it later on.

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