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The Magic of Fall

Ninoum 15 Feb 2023

The fall colors and softness of this one has gotten my heart for Valentine’s Day.

This one looks better in person than on picture. If you are seeing this one on a bigger screened device, you’ll probably see more nice details.

The thing that I am really happy about is that my big tree’s foliage has been all done with a 1” brush. I never was able to before. Something clicked. Even though I knew about the perfect thinness of the paint and how much (a lot of paint) you have to have on the brush, I was never able to got it right. .

I have added the splattered technique on the path of this one.



yesssss, that moment when it "clicks". Outstanding job!

It looks even better in person?! That is such a wonderful iteration of that painting. The splatter on the path really adds something. And your fence came out so smooth! brilliant

I've got to try doing a path in this style. This has such a gentle and happy mood.

It is very beautiful. I think you got the handle of the 1 inch brush now perfectly. I think it is the much better foliage brush, but not as easy to handle as the oval brush or the round brush.

It's so funny, I have much more trouble handling the round and oval brush compared to the 1 inch. I've been using the one inch much more though

Thank you Jessie! I see you had that happening to you as well! Great feeling! Isn’t it?!!

Thank you very much Marc! Most of the time, I prefer picture of my paintings not for this one. I can’t pin point exactly why.

Thank you Nick! It adds more realism to a path or a beach for sure. You def have to give it a shot!

Thank you Tom! 😊 I agree 100% with what you just said. Couldn’t have said it better!

Marc, I am envious! I have tried for sooooooo long with the 1” & 2” brushes. I always had to use my round and oval. I decided to not give us and try harder. It is paying off finally.

Really need to practice with my oval and round brush then 😄

I think it’s great to know how to use different brushes to give different effects. Expand your skill set my friend!! 😀

B. E .A.utiful! Loving the Autumn look again, trees are epic,just a lovely warm picture 😁

Thank you so much Niv! ☺️

Hi Nancy .Nice warm colours , i like these autumn colours very much . Great work , fantastic!

Thank you Dirk! Very peaceful to paint too.


Nice job!!👍👌

Just gorgeous!

Really nice and love the colors!

Yep, you nailed it!

Thank you Coldethel, DBerkey, Sandy, “B” and Brian! ☺️

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