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Angler's Haven

Ninoum 05 Mar 2023

This is painting #98. 2 shy of 100!!!

I tried something new with my mountains… I put the shadows before the highlights. it was challenging and easier at the same time.

I enjoyed working with both liquid white & black. Great effect with the River.

Question for you all… which series + episode does Bob have the see thru river with the rocks (gesso work) visible at the bottom?



Good Morning my Friend, number 98 👍🏼I like the complete painting but this lead on the mountain is totally brilliantly made and the dark river looks super deep. Love it👊🏼Now I'm going to the games, matchday 🏓like every sunday . I wish you a super nice Sunday

Happy Sunday my awesome friend!! Thank you very much for your comment! Have a great match day and have lots of fun!!!

Really beautiful! Love the rocks on the bank and along the river!

Again a good one, Ninoum.

"Downstream View" S25E9 has a river with gesso rocks in the water.
There's also a waterfall in which he put gesso rocks in the water, at the bottom of the waterfall: "Deep Forest Falls" S28E8.

flippergirlpaints Top Event Submitter

Very pretty! Love the variety of your trees and the fullness of the "woods". And great rocky shore.

Thank you Sandy! Those rocks are my fav to paint!

Thanks a million for that info Titia!!!! 😀 That explain why I couldn’t find it in my books, I do t have volume 25 yet. I do have the other one. I’ll def check it out!

Thank you very much Pam. I think the variety in the foliage + colors make it more natural.

Lovely painting, your foliage is always very nice.

Thank you Tom! 😊

Speaking of the books: are all seasons still available as books?
I only have one hardcover book which has a bunch of paintings in it, along with a couple tutorials. The apintgs are from all seasons, but not nearly all paintings are in the book. And a lot of images are quite small.

Yes, all seasons are still available Titia! 😀

Cool! I'll see if I can find them over here. Haven't found them yet, but I've only looked in one place, a large online store here.

My typing... apintgs

Btw, I like the progress images as well.

Thanks Titia!

If you can't found some books, it would me my pleasure to help you out so we can get you the books you want. 😀

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