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Crimson Oval

Ninoum 19 Apr 2023

Another one on my to-do-list. So pretty. Love the colors and the scene. Bob could really create some masterpieces and this one doesn't fail!

I only use Con-Tact paper in the corners to give an oval like shape. Those ovals take away so much painting surface. I still wanted the birch tree to come out of the painting. That's why I did my design this way.



Yes, this is beautiful. Fantastic.

Thank you very much Cold! 😊

I love the touch of all the little spring flowers in the field. That takes some patience, I think.

Good morning, good morning my friend. From my point of view, better than the original. Incredible depth, great colour selection, the colours well matched to each other. Perfect. One of my favourites😎🇩🇪

Loving the addition of flowers. You are amazing.

Thank you Brian! 😊 The flowers that took the most time are those on the foreground (specially the ones the left side since they are so tiny) since they have a shape. But overall, it took me 3-4 minutes.

I really appreciate that my friend. 🇩🇪😎 Looking at it again this morning, I see what you mean. I didn't realize the depth I achieved. I just love making those type of paintings ☀️

Just beautiful! Love the depth and all the tiny flowers! Feels so springy!

Outstanding version N! Love the flowers and everything about this one for sure! Put it on the wall as soon as it dries!

Thanks to you both as Sandy and B! Really glad you enjoy my little flowers. 🌼 And B… it’s the plan. It’s got it’s place on the wall when it’s dry! 🤓

Alright coach, when are you going to start teaching your art classes? Haha, but seriously, are you interested in being a certified Ross instructor? You certainly have the chops to do it if you wanted to. I wonder if one is allowed to teach this style without being a CRI...because either way I know I could learn a lot from a class taught by you!

Jeffth I always think the same about Nancy. She would be an excellent instructor, either Bob Ross or independent!

Pietro1963 Master of Monsters

Great work it!

Awww! 🥹 Thank you so much Jeffth and Tomi! That means so much! For now, I feel I have so much to learn still! I probably will take classes first. But at some point, I will need a new challenge and I may take the teaching route. Nic Hankins is the main CRI at the Bob Ross workshop in New Smyrna Beach (45 minutes away from my house). I def would love to learn from him. If I do, I'll def let you know.

Grazie Pietro! 😊

If you do take a class from any CRI I can just imagine how stunned they, and your fellow classmates, will be when they see you breezing through it. You might end up teaching them a thing or two! haha XD

I agree with Jeffth, you are definitely ready for the CRI courses, and I think that a very important part of being an artist is to be constantly learning from one another, that's why we are here on this site!

Thank you Jeffth & Jessie! I am beyond honor you are both seeing this in me. I guess I am still so new to all of this even tho I picked it up fast. I have so much more to learn. I am very slow when I paint. It takes me hours.

I love It here on TIB. We do indeed learn a lot from each other Jessie. The community is very special. I wish I could meet you all in person. 🤗

Don't know how I missed this one. Only got one word for it....supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! 🤩❤️

An other masterpiece!

Niv… I just saw your comment! I don’t know how I missed it as well! Lol!

You are so funny! Thank you my friend!

Awww! Thx Tom! 😊

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